I’m just writing a warning before speaking about what’s happened. This is based off my opinion and my experience; the rest of the people at The Noobist are being kind in letting me voice what’s happened to me and a handful of others; to those whom are struggling with 4J Studios – this is for you.

Okay so before this past Christmas 4J Studios gave the new DLC  with horses and other things to most of the world minus North America. There was an issue there so they held back North America’s DLC for Minecraft on consoles. After Christmas, North America got their DLC which I thought was cool because finally, I thought I would be able to play with my friends in America. This was not the case.

In general, people will use Twitter to contact companies quickly which I think is a good thing. When my friend in California told me he did not recieve his DLC when 4J Studios stated that they launched it, I immediately went to them on Twitter and made a sarcastic comment that they weren’t being so truthful and then I got a metaphorical slap in the face – they blocked me.

I made a general tweet about being blocked by 4J Studios and someone else commented to me directly that they’ve been blocked by 4J Studios for months already which made me want to reach out to other people.

Block Convo

Speaking to a fellow Minecraft customer.

So I made another general tweet to 4J Studios stating that I couldn’t play with my friends in the United States and asked why. All I received was silence because naturally, they had blocked me. Someone who did not work for 4J Studios told me that the build for North America was different than the rest of the world and therefore that is why I couldn’t play with my friends in America.

I still continued to read 4J Studios tweets; about Mojang sales being great and then days later, finally admitting that the North America build was faulty. Someone made a sarcastic comment about when it will be fixed and I warned them that 4J Studios will block them and lo and behold, a handful of hours later, they were blocked.

I wrote an e-mail directly to 4J Studios and received no response from them. So I went onto the Minecraft forum and yet again, there was a moderator in their “Off Topic” section of the forum who was trying to cull the masses about the regional fault and surprisingly, they did not work for 4J Studios or Microsoft nor did 4J Studios tell them “this is what you tell people if they ask about the regional issues”.

So I went searching online for information; to see if any entertainment site wrote about when the regional fix was coming out and to my surprise, they were either singing 4J Studio’s praises for how great Minecraft is doing on consoles or they are just re-iterating the supposed “hot fix” patch that would fix the issues with Minecraft.

4J Conversation

4J Studios stating the region fix will be in the net update and me asking someone if they were blocked for sarcastically saying “3 years”.

And then more information came out about this hot fix patch and again, no information at all about fixing the North America build – nothing whatsoever. They are more concerned about redstones and horse bugs  rather than allowing a region to play with the rest of the world; which is odd because in one of their tweets, they claimed that they were fixing the region issue in their next update.

Although I will agree with some stating that if a game, in general is not working, that yes, fixing the said errors is an issue to be fixed; however I do believe that their issue of North America needs to be sorted first or at least should have been fixed along with the other issues.

To bring this to a clear point, 4J Studios have hired someone to look over their Twitter account and block anyone who does not praise them. Making any sort of sarcastic comment or joking (yet truthful) comment will get you blocked. This, is in no way professional. If you look at @AskPlaystation, people will ask them questions and they will receive polite and quick responses from that Twitter Account Manager. That is a very good example of someone maintaining that Twitter account. Blocking people simply because of some comments about their product being faulty is not professional and is in fact a serious customer service offence.

4J Ban1

The “block” hammer coming down on someone for making that “3 Years” comment.

For those of us who love Minecraft, we paid for the product. We paid for the texture packs and skins that had an actual price to it. We paid for access to bring the game onto Xbox One or Playstation 4. We are the customer and to be treated so badly by them is horrifying. If it were a product such as hairspray or even a food product that was laced with something, there would be a mainstream outcry but 4J Studios is an entertainment company trying to keep a lid on the people who are starting to speak out about their faulty product; and rather than actually fix it, they choose to ignore these people. My post to them on their forum, after it being posted was apparently made to be “Spam”; the non 4J Studio employee who was moderator told me she had to make it not spam so I could read her response on admitting that she didn’t work for them and truly did not know why there was a build error or why they refuse to take responsibility on hiring someone who chooses to silence people via Twitter than to actually answer people’s concerns about the regional error.

We’re not being treated right by them and I am honestly saddened by their ill behavior. I’ve contacted 4J Studios News to see if they will answer about when the regional fix will be done but have had no response as of yet.