Monday Night at the Vertical City Cantina: Episodes 6 & 7 Recap

It’s unusual but it happens.  We had some video processing issues with Episode 6, and when the video issue was sorted it was so close to the Air date for Episode 7 I’ve decided to combine the wrap ups.

Episode 6

On this episode I continued what will be the standard format from now on.  I’ll be doing a Hard Mode Flashpoint to start off the show, then moving on to working with other characters as time permits.  On this episode I was grouped with a session that lost a member and joined in on Lost Island.  It wasn’t all easy sailing as we went through my own unfamiliarity with the flashpoint combined with the overall difficulty of completing it made this challenging.  After completing the Flashpoint being short on time I decided to finish out the night with some Galactic Starfighter.

During this video you’ll see us take on the following boss fights.

  • LR-5 Sentinel Droid
  • Transgenic Sample Seven
  • Project S.A.V.R.A.K
  • Dr. Lorrick

Out of these Project S.A.V.R.A.K is the most difficult as you’ll see from the video.  Making sure everyone is aware of their roles is critical in defeating him.

The Galactic Starfighter match was just some fun, one of our viewers hadn’t seen it in action before.  It by far wasn’t my best match.  The good news is GSF has been opened to all Prefered Account holders as well as subscribers.  On Febuary 4th the plan is for GSF to officially launch, with a new ship and new areas to fight over.


Episode 7


This isn’t a full Flashpoint Video.  We’re only doing a clip of a single “great” highlight.  Myself I’ve never been one not to poke fun at myself, so here you are with the most difficult boss of the Czerka Corporate Labs flashpoint.  I’d never attempted this flashpoint myself, and doing it for the first time on Hardmode was an interesting experience.  We wiped a few times on this boss before getting past him, after that it was pretty much easy going til the final boss.  There’s a trick to the final boss as well,  open the canister on either side 2 at a time until they are all opened before fighting the boss himself.  This makes the match so much easier.


This coming Monday night I think I’m going to Que up for an Operation.  Hopefully one will pop quickly and we’ll be able to complete it as time allows.  If not I’ll see about getting our time extended to cover it.  That’s it for now, hope you all enjoy the videos and I look forward to seeing you all on Monday Night at the Vertical City Cantina