Here at The Noobist we were all discussing the idea of a regularly repeating series of 2 hour game streams.

A time where we can discuss a specific game each of us here enjoys.  I chose Star Wars: The Old Republic.

The above video was a test stream, you’ll see me take you through some rather quick dailies.  Ilum and the Blackhole are great places to earn some quick cash.  I switch over to a lower level character as I toss out ideas on the future of the segment.  As I said it was largely a test stream to make sure my hardware and software were set up properly to handle a stream.

Now there was an interesting topic I brought up.  I want this show to be “Viewer Driven” to a great extent, so here is what I want to do.   Monday night at 7pm EST will be the first “Official” episode, between now and then I want people to send me tweets or post in the comments below what Class, Advanced Class and Alignment they would like to see me play.  Starting at level one I want to invite you to follow a character class til he hits the level cap.  You’ll see class Story, Flashpoints, Warzones, Flashpoints, and in the Future operations.  Any viewers who want to get in on the action and follow along are welcome to create a character on the Shadowlands server where I will look to form a guild and make you all part of the Show, that is as long as you follow a few guidelines I’ll lay out when and if enough people show interest in forming a guild.

I’ve established a dedicated Twitter account for the show you can contact me by sending a tweet to @TNMNVCC  before, after, and during the show with comments and questions.  I’ll do my best to answer on air, though that may depend on if the message is appropriate or not.

So join us on Monday Nights at 7pm CST for Monday Night at the Vertical City Cantina with me your host only at

Or send me a tweet @TNMNVCC

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