One of the interesting aspects of Open World Combat, is that it can be a fickle lover.  One day, everything is great.  The next, you are wondering what happened.

This past Tuesday was a case of my lover being dissatisfied with me and my liver was punished as a result.  My lover will not tell me why they are angry and I will have to figure it out.

I was more worried about doing another shot than I was about making true progress.  At one point, while discussing the soiling of myself a time or two, I revived a fellow player for the sole purpose of using them as bait to assist in the hope that no further damage would be done to my liver.

One viewer even requested that I play with my feet and I gladly accepted this challenge.  It was accepted due to alcohol induced pride.  This, my friends, is how the devil gets souls.

Outnumbered but not alone, the few of us that participated did what we could to act as Spartans! In reality we ended up being bowling pins.

My lover may be cruel, especially to my liver, but we have good entertainment and fun together.