It’s been a Rift kind of week here at The Noobist. First, we have our Q&A with Creative Director Bill Fisher. We read up on what is coming up in patch 2.4 and it was good. Secondly, we are running a Giveaway with Rift rewards!  What kind of rewards you ask?

3 x Infinity Edition Storm Legion Expansion Packs.  Basically the Collectors Edition for the Expansion Pack.  You get a mount and other good stuff.  If you already have the standard edition, you can use this to upgrade.

6 x 30-Day Patron Pass.  This is their subscriber tier.  You get bonus… everything pretty much, for 30 days.

Werit, how do I get my hands on these cool prizes?  I’m glad you asked.  It’s simple.  On the right side of the screen is a Sites with Benefits widget.  Just click on that and go to Sign In.  Once logged in, go ahead and do as many or as little of the missions that you want.  Then redeem your points for lottery tickets.

The contest ends on Tuesday, September 27th at 8am when winners will automatically be drawn.  Good Luck!

7 Responses

    • werit

      On the right side of the screen, there should be a blue Sites with Benefits tab sticking out. If it is not there, it could be blocked by a content filter.

  1. rickrolled

    Has the contest ended? And if it did, how do I know if I won or lost?

  2. haifisch

    How do you redeem points to get the lottery tickets? I can’t find anything for it in the widget.