What the hell happened to the gaming industry in 1997, at least as far as Role Playing Games (RPGs). Seriously since the release of Final Fantasy VII, almost every RPG on the market has been a pile of mess. I want a good RPG, Final Fantasy VII sucked, and yes I can hear the fanboys gathering to pounce but let me ask you a few things about this vaulted bastion of RPG Goodness you all hold near and dear to your hearts..

  1. Who was the Prettiest Villan in RPG history? – Sephiroth, he was like a cross between Elton John, Valentino Liberace, and Strider Hiryu.  And don’t tell me him and Cloud both weren’t compensating for something with those swords.
  2. Which RPG has a mini-game that involves Cross dressing and flirting with other male NPC’s? – That would be FFVII, Cloud has to get glammed up. I have no issue with transsexuals, it’s their business, but the hero of what is held high by the masses as an “Epic” RPG?
  3. Why the most exciting part of the game Chocobo Breeding?  –  Seriously you can’t tell me you didn’t spend more time trying to get the Gold Chocobo than you did killing off the bosses.