The smell of gunpowder and chimichangas in the air can only mean one thing: Deadpool. The first pics from the set of the Deadpool movie were released recently , which means we have actual visual confirmation that the Merc with a Mouth is really coming to the big screen. Not just that but he’ll be sporting his glorious black and red duds like nature intended. This means that the geek community can finally wipe all memories of X-men Origins: Wolverine from their minds and hearts. As if that wasn’t enough, Deadpool himself Ryan Reynolds recently confirmed on Twitter that the flick will be rated R. So anyone worried about a watered down Wade Wilson can relax. Deadpool will be spilling plenty of blood and guts and dropping lots of F-bombs while he does it.


A Movie Ten Years In The Making

It’s a good thing 20th Century Fox finally came to their senses or Deadpool would still be rotting in development hell, sitting next to Half-Life 3 and chatting with the Halo movie. All the way back in 2005 Fox first started planning a Deadpool movie starring Ryan Reynolds. Four years later the best they could come up with was an abysmal supporting role in the aforementioned X-Men Origins: Wolverine and we all know how that turned out. It was so bad it almost single-handedly ruined the idea of a live action Deadpool forever. It’s taken them six more years to finally give Deadpool the movie he deserves and thankfully Ryan Reynolds stuck around to be in it.


It Takes A Canadian To Play A Canadian

The wise cracking Reynolds has always been the only real choice to play the wise cracking mercenary. From the way he delivers one-liners with his casual snark, to the way he’s … Canadian, the man was born to play Deadpool. Had Fox not dragged it’s feet Reynolds might even have been occupied filming Deadpool when Warner Bros came calling to ask him to play the Green Lantern. That’s right, Fox could have possibly prevented the less than stellar Green Lantern movie. So far that’s two bad comic book movies they are responsible for in the last ten years, three if you add in X-men The Last Stand. But Brian Singer answered all of out prayers with last years X-Men Days Of Future Past which wiped the slate clean for Fox’s X-men franchise effectively erasing the events of X-Men The Last Stand, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine (though sadly not Green Lantern). That means Deadpool and the upcoming X-Force movie which will feature Deadpool can exist without having to address the horrible pseudo Deadpool from Origins. Of course since it’s Deadpool he’ll probably break the 4th wall and mention it anyway.


One of the Few Times That We Should Actually Thank Hackers

The real reason that Deadpool is finally getting his own movie is the overwhelmingly positive fan response to that leaked test footage that surfaced last year. Rob Liefeld, the creator of Deadpool and a man who loves pouches but hates drawing feet, has stated on record that it was the positive buzz generated by the test footage that lit a fire under Fox’s keister. And what a fire it must have been as the footage was leaked in July and by September Fox was officially announcing the Deadpool movie.

I Eat My Deadpool Cereal Out Of My Deadpool Bowl In My Deadpool Pajamas

The Deadpool movie will be out in February of 2016 and the timing couldn’t be better. Deadpool has become so popular with comic fans that he’s taken over Wolverine’s spot as the most over-saturated Marvel character, appearing in roughly 20 books a month. Deadpool has appeared in multiple video games, cartoons, and as multiple action figures. And yet, he’s still not a household name to non-comics fans in the way that Spider-Man or Batman are. If Fox does right by Deadpool with this movie, all of that could change.

Seriously, he's in a lot of books.

Seriously, he’s in a lot of books.

Here’s What We Know So Far…

So what do we know about the Deadpool movie so far? Well longtime Deadpool supporting character Weasel will be making an appearance as well as the X-Man Colossus and lesser known mutant Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Pictures of the Deadpool mask with motion capture dots around the eyes hint at Deadpool possibly being the first superhero who’s mask can change expressions. Deadpool’s costume appears to be comic accurate right down to the two katanas strapped across his back, and Ryan Reynolds is sporting some nasty makeup to simulate Wades horrible skin condition underneath that comic accurate costume. And lastly, there is bound to be at least one chimichanga consumed by said superhero with the expression changing mask at some point in the 90 to 120 min the movie is bound to run.


It’s Not The Movie Gotham Wants, It’s The Movie Gotham Deserves…Or Something Like that

All and all Deadpool’s first big screen outing … *sigh * okay, second big screen outing looks like it’s coming along nicely. It should hopefully be the movie that Deadpool fans have been waiting more than ten years for. Spider-Man has been rebooted twice in the time we’ve been waiting for Deadpool to get just one movie. With any luck the wait will have been worth it, which if these first few pictures are any indication it has. If you can’t wait until next year for a dose of Deadpooly goodness, here’s a gif of Deadpool dancing in Lego form. You’re welcome.


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  1. A J

    I finally got a minute to check out your article. Nice job! I think I a lot of people have high hopes for Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool, so this could be a good move for his career. To think that a leaked video made it all possible. Gotta love the power of the Internet when it’s used for good, right? Oh yeah, the gif is hilarious!