As many know, there are sites such as IndieGogo and Kickstarter where people can ask for donations on a project that is being developed. Some are weird but there are some that sound interesting as well. Here are five that could be worth investing in.

1. Anonabox:

Worried about your personal information getting out there for “them” to grab and use for their own devious ways? Or simply want to feel like a secret agent/spy by doing day to day digital tasks? Look no further. Tor is an essential software for anonymising a person’s online activities; ensuring that their location and habits cannot be peeked in upon by any prying eyes. To satisfy the craving to keep personal data private and side stepping censoriship, August Germar devised the little creation called Anonabox.

Anonabox is basically a tiny networking device that sits between the router and devices using Tor to provide reliable encrypted anonymous internet access. For the people who are constantly downloading the LOLcats, the Anonabox won’t really make a difference however, for people who have had resources cut due to government interference. To help Anonabox, donate to them here.

2. Canvaz Art:

The company Canvaz were inspired by the moving pictures in the newspaper of the Harry Potter series and have created wall art technology for the public. Basically, it’s a giant digital picture frame. However, instead of being like expensive e-frames showing digital pictures on a small framed screen, Canvaz will give people either a 22 inch or 4o inch wood framed display to which people can display content from their own collection or from the Canviz gallery. This content can change at specific times and can even show traffic and weather updates to the owner then change into a serene scenery for when the person comes home to chill and relax. To help support this project, it can be found on Kickstarter here.

3. Sam:

This little guy will be bringing mini electronic engineering into the 21st century. Rather than using a soldering iron and welding things together, this idea is building things without the need of wires. The building blocks include buttons, buzzers, lights, motors and servos. These have been tested by adults and kids to prove how ideas can become reality quickly and opens up opportunities for people who know what to do with these ideas which becomes handy when by 2020 most devices will be web enabled. To help fund the future of building electronics, go help Sam here.

4. Axent:

This object brings headphones and the Bebo pill into one single item plus anyone who is a cat lover or a cosplay lover will enjoy this item. Axent is a pair of headphones with “fully functional speakers shaped as cat ears” plus LED accent lights and a microphone. This item was dreamed up by Animators who believe that music plays a huge role in people’s lives and the need to share their music comes naturally. Anyone interested in such an item can help support them here plus the supports can choose the colors of the LED lights.

5. Pi-Top:

For all those in the application world, they know that the Raspberry Pi is for developers. Currently residing in IndieGogo is the Pi-Top which is the laptop version of the Raspberry Pi. The Pi Top has everything needed to forge the builder’s own notebook, including lessons on electronics, the ability to create Printed Circuit Boards and 3D print objects. The Pi Top comes with an injection molded case and 3D printing files too, letting owners have the satisfaction of looking at the Pi Top and say, “I made that!”. To help fund the Pi Top, go here on IndieGogo.