A showdown is coming soon, can you feel the tension rising? The latest episode of The Flash was yet another series of “what just happened moments” since the “Team Up” episode with The Atom, and I, for one, can’t wait to see where this is all heading. The Eobard Thawne baits Barry Allen and company into a trap, Eddie’s proposal gets derailed and more on The Flash: The Trap. Spoiler alert!

One Step Ahead

The TrapJust when Barry Allen, Detective West, Caitlin and Cisco thought that they were making real progress towards cornering the man that who has assumed Dr. Well’s identity—Eobard Thawne—they don’t. This week, the foursome’s mission had a huge setback as Eobard Thawne proved once again that he is always one step ahead of Barry Allen by setting a trap before they were able to set one for him. Unfortunately, their naiveté made it possible for Eobard to escape without giving Barry Allen the much needed confession that he was seeking to free his father from prison. It also afforded Eobard Thawne the necessary time he needed to make other arrangements…yet to be revealed.

However, in the last moments of the episode we did get a hint into Eobard’s plans for The Flash as revealed to us in a flashback of that fateful night when the then assumed to be Dr. Harrison Wells—who is really Eobard Thawne—first paid Barry Allen a visit in the hospital after the particle accelerator explosion. Eobard has made it perfectly clear that Barry Allen has done something to him in the future that warrants him to seek revenge. The only problem is in order for Eobard to exact revenge on his nemesis, he must first ensure that Barry Allen doesn’t disrupt the timeline and in fact creates the circumstances in which he—Eobard—can return home, to the future. I know, it’s totally convoluted and I love it!

Eddie’s Proposal Gets Derailed


Poor Eddie just can’t seem to catch a break with Iris. This time, the poor detective’s marriage proposal to his live-in girlfriend, Iris, was completely derailed in what for a hot second seemed like The Flash’s doing, but then we learn that it was the Reverse-Flash intervening. Apparently, even his distant relatives don’t want Eddie to marry Iris. Ouch! But then it gets even more interesting for the unlucky detective.

After the Reverse-Flash removes his mask to reveal himself to Eddie, Eobard clarifies his identity for the first time to the detective, revealing to Eddie that he is in fact Eobard Thawne, a distant family member who for all intents and purposes has not yet been born. Yeah, as you can imagine that went over real well with Eddie, who already has a lot on his plate. Namely, he’s still having trouble with keeping Barry Allen’s secret from Iris, on top of the fact that his partner, Detective Joe West, doesn’t want to give him his blessings to marry Iris. Like I said, poor Eddie.

This Week’s Easter Eggs

CiscodebutsVibeglassesAs usual, the latest episode of The Flash, had quite a few Easter eggs for us nerds. If you saw the first few minutes of the episode when Barry Allen, Cisco and Caitlin were in the time vault and they spoke with Gideon—the computer program used by Eobard Thawne/The Reverse-Flash—for the first time, you may have heard and seen many Flash references from the DC comics. First, there was the traditional Flash costume reveal. Now, we’ve seen this before, but this time the writers made sure to point it out this week, which was awesome. Then, of course, there was the mention of Iris West-Allen, which obviously points to the fact that Iris West and Barry Allen eventually marry in the future, just like in the comics. There was also an almost shout-out to the fact that The Flash was a founding member of the Justice League and lastly, Flash comic fans may have noticed that the glasses Cisco used to help him revisit his dreams looked remarkably similar to those worn by Cisco’s alter ego Vibe, in the comics.

The Flash airs Tuesdays on CW at 8:00pm EST.