Now that’s what you call cold-blooded! Unsuspecting car theft victims are frozen solid, Monroe and Rosalee learn about Juliette’s supposed side effects from the whole make-Nick-a-Grimm-again fiasco and Monroe confronts his past on Grimm: Hibernaculum. Spoiler alert!

Time Heals All Wounds

GrimmWell not entirely, but it sure sounds nice, right? The latest episode of Grimm starts off with Nick reminiscing about his relationship with former girlfriend Juliette. As of late, their relationship status isn’t the only thing that has changed. In addition to becoming a hexenbiest, Juliette has somehow managed to tap into this fierce alter ego of herself, making threats against the life of her sworn enemy—Adalind—and hooking up with Captain Renard. Her life is permanently changed—oh so they are saying—now that she’s a hexenbiest; even more so than it was when she was the girlfriend of a Grimm. But she’s not the only one who has suffered for knowing a Grimm. Even Monroe, a blutboten himself, had way less drama in his wesen life before becoming friends with Nick.

Speaking of which, finally the show delves into the potentiality of Monroe having post traumatic stress disorder after his abduction/torturing/near execution during the whole wesenrein ordeal. Remember Monroe is one of the good wesen, having left his violent past behind him prior to meeting Nick. So when he was abducted and tortured by the wesenrein for both interspecies marrying and befriending a Grimm, it would make sense that poor Monroe is still a bit traumatized after it all. I guess only time will tell how long it will take him to recover from what happened.

Cold as a Varyme Tyv

First Victim On Hibernaculum

You know the deal, every week there’s a new wesen and this week didn’t disappoint. The latest episode of Grimm introduced us to the “heat thief” or varme tyv, a naturally coldblooded and generally harmless wesen that only prey upon humans for their body heat, leaving a frozen solid corpse behind. Oh, but it gets more convoluted, as you would imagine. Every winter the varme tyv goes to a hibernaculum to hibernate with other varme tyvs, which is where the car thief varme tyv’s were headed before they met their frigid death. Enter Detective Burkhardt, Detective Griffin and the hilariously sarcastic Sergeant Woo.

It didn’t long before Nick and company picked up on the fact that their suspected perpetrator was indeed a wesen; although technically, I think Sgt. Woo called it first. The only problem was how they were going to explain all the frozen trail of bodies while they tried to solve the initial car theft case. You guessed it, they didn’t. In fact, after finding and disturbing the bodies in the hibernaculum, they were forced to put the nearly dead varme tyv bodies back in the hibernaculum where they initially were found and vowed that none of them were ever there. Yep, that made perfect sense to me.

Rosalee and Monroe Learn Juliette is a Hexenbiest

Last week Hank learned about Juliette being a hexenbiest and now this week Rosalee and Monroe learn the truth. And while Monroe’s reaction was a little more subtle, Rosalee’s reaction was more spot on, given everything that has happened. “She’s a freaking hexenbiest!” You betcha she is. The question is: now what?

Of course Rosalee, the good doting friend that she is, seems to think that there is a chance to reverse what has been done to Juliette. And though the hexenbiest guru, Henrietta, already revealed that there is nothing Juliette can do to undo what has been done to her, Rosalee seems to think that there is still a way. For her sake and definitely for Juliette’s sake, I hope she’s right. The new Juliette is on a hate-filled mission and that can’t be good for anyone around her.

Grimm airs Friday nights on NBC at 8:00pm EST/7:00pm CST.

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