The Jailbreak world has been a tumultuous place as of late. A myriad of different rumors have been floating around the interwebs, while many preach about the approaching jailbreaking endtimes coming with IOS 9. IOS 8 has not been jailbroken for months, leaving a vast number of iPhone users in the boring doldrums, as they awaited freedom from the vanilla iPhone experience. A Chinese team of jailbreakers known as  TaiG (pronounced tai-gee) has recently released a tool that will easily jailbreak your latest devices, setting us free. If you are on the fence about jailbreaking or need a reason to even pursue a jailbreak, you can find my piece about the potential of a jailbroken iPhone here.

For all of those who have been waiting however here is a full guide!

STEP 1: Download TAIG 2.0 here!

STEP 2: Head into the “Settings” app on your iPhone, and disable Find My iPhone, and turn off your passcode lock. (But don’t forget to reactivate them later if you use them!)

STEP 3: Connect your device to your computer, make sure its not a flimsy connection or a worn out cable (you know that old cord that stops working if you move it around too much). An interruption to the process may harm your phone, just make sure everything is connected snugly!

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STEP 4: Go into iTunes on your computer and click help. Under the help tab, click “About iTunes”. Make sure your iTunes version is 12.0.1 or older. If you have the latest version of iTunes, you will have to downgrade sadly, although you can just upgrade again once this process is over.


Click here to download the correct version of iTunes. Before installing the necessary version, you must uninstall all traces of iTunes on your system. Access the control panel, and click “uninstall a program”. You must uninstall anything with the name Apple in it, as well as Bonjour, and of course iTunes. Do not worry, everything will return once you install the necessary version of iTunes. Once you have installed version 12.0.1, you are ready to continue. I promise that was the most difficult part.

STEP 5:  Run the TAIG 2.0 tool you downloaded in step 1, with your device plugged in, and the proper iTunes version loaded. Uncheck the 3K assistant (you don’t need it) and click “start”.

STEP 6: Wait out the jailbreak process, the on screen prompts will tell you exactly what is going on at each step. Simply wait for the progress meter to reach 100%.

Your device may restart, but after all of the aforementioned steps you should see a new app named Cydia on your homescreen! Congratulations! You have unplugged yourself from the Matrix, you are free. Your phone is capable of a myriad of things your friends phones cant do…. Well almost. Because this new jailbreak was recently released many tweaks are not yet compatible with IOS 8.3, but don’t fret, they soon will be.  Stay tuned for more news on the latest jailbreaks!

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  1. A J

    You’re a bad influence, Alan. Just teasing. Great post, I love it! 🙂

    • Alan Torres

      Thanks! I’m an even worse influence in my latest article :p