As the final season of Korra rapidly approaches, it’s only natural for the mind to swell with ideas. With the way the last season ended especially, the mind really begins to wander.

Luckily, we found some guidance in the trailer that was released. If you haven’t seen it, click this link and enjoy.

This isn’t going to be an article about the trailer, but its hard to not at least talk about a few things that seem apparent. For example, Toph. Surely her build-up-to-be-let-down last season was enough to mandate her appearance, but the scene at the end makes it sound like she is either in a very strange or perhaps even dangerous place.

Regardless, we come to our first predictions.korra

1. Old characters, Reintroduced.

Its been batted around inside the community that characters that have already been created will be reinstated for what assumes to be the final season of the Avatar dynasty. Toph obviously is included, but who else? A few people pointed to Azula making a return as the evil force or in some way related to it, but obviously without her appearing in the trailer that seems to shoot that out of the water.

Although, Zaheer was really shown in the season 3 trailer, so there is always a chance. I feel like the way to look at this trailer is a teaser, as it shows next to nothing substantial and is even a bit confusing at times. Which brings me to the biggest prediction that could happen!

2. Korra, Reborn.

In many ways, after the finale from season 3, I thought they were setting up for he finale as well. They may still be, but the trailer shows her in a lot of different situations that are confusing to me. First of all, she cuts the proverbial top knot. Whether this is symbolic or not, it certainly does seem like she was defeated. Unfortunately, 3 years is a long time to recover, so even if we are assuming Mercury poisoning, I think she gets back to 100. My prediction is the first few episodes she rebuilds physically, but struggles with whatever is happening. It appears the Air nation is happy-go-lucky, but obviously something crazy is going down in Earth Kingdom lands. The one second scene where she is drowning in what appears to be quick silver confirms that she is struggling mentally though.

Either way, I find it ironic that even though Zaheer is out of the picture, his entire legacy lives on…

3. Kuvira, Transcended.

korraAlright, so if you aren’t aware, this character is voiced by Zelda Williams. She was introduced last season, and had a mildly important role at the end of the season especially, but what’s important is Zaheer’s voice actor is Henry Rollins, former Black Flag frontman and apparent social crusader. Now, Zelda’s father, the esteemed late commedian Robin Williams, was the target of Mr. Rollins in an article about how people in prominent places of society who choose suicide are cowards. This isn’t something I want to discuss here, but how ridiculously ironic is it that this new character Kuvira has transcended the way she has.

Obviously, Zelda is a prolific women in the real world, and it seems as if her fantasy counterpart is quickly assuming the duties that were once Zaheer’s.

My prediction, although an easy one, is she is also part of the Red Lotus, and is militarized on its behalf. She likely over throws the metal clan forces, and looks to be the villain of the season, but who can be sure?

My Top 3 Hopefuls:

1. I hope the ending is open. The producers have said they don’t want to and have no intentions of ever working on another Avatar project. Maybe I’m too hopeful, but surely something like that was said at the end of The last airbender, right? I mean its only natural to say, “This story is over, stop asking.” Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but I could forsee some comics like they did with Aang, and then some one picking things up with a whole new story? Who knows, just hoping the ending isn’t too final.

2. New and Old Mix. Apparently Zuko’s daughter gets her reveal this season, and I hope she either resembles or gets to meet her legacy. I mean, when you think of females in his family, you immediately think of Azula, am I right? Especially since a lot of heavy speculation was around her return, I am hopeful to see Azula and Zuko interact again, and maybe even have her meet up with Korra. Seeing Toph interact with new characters should be interesting, depending on who old she actually is, but just one scene with two Last Airbender characters would be great. Maybe Katarra and Zuko!

3. 3 Years isn’t too long. You can already see a lot has changed, and the characters them self seem to be different. Obviously time passed in Last Airbender, but I just don’t like the idea that Korra is suddenly 20 or whatever. Asami feels the same way. She looks like she is older, and I feel like if characters look too different then too many things get different and its hard to follow. I’m just hopeful for a smooth transition, because the start of season 3 was incredible slow and seemed to lack of direction, meanwhile the last 4 episodes were breath taking.

I’ll stay hopeful for meaningful progression early, and a strong ending where Korra does NOT die. Hoping to see more of this universe, one way or another though.

Stay tuned for my recap this weekend!