Recently, Forbes has received reports that Microsoft is looking to enter the wearable technology market within the next few weeks. Like most other current wearables, Microsoft’s offering will be in the form of a smartwatch. Reports claim that it will passively monitor its wearer’s heart rate. have a battery life of two days, and be compatible across multiple mobile platforms. Information on the device’s name or pricepoint has not be revealed.

Microsoft’s foray into the smartwatch market is unsurprising. With competitors Apple, Samsung, and Motorola producing their own offerings, as well as competition from upstarts such as Pebble Microsoft needed to get on board quickly lest they fall too far behind to catch up, especially given the fact that the smartwatch market is predicted to top $7.1 billion next year.

The claim that the watch’s battery will last two days will give it a huge leg up on the competition, the Apple Watch, Samsung Gear, and Moto360 all need to be charged nightly. I’ve had plenty of experience with batteries losing their capacity as devices age, so having the extra room in the tank is certainly a win in my eyes.

Depending on whether the watch is compatible with my iPhone, what it costs, and what its actual capabilities are I am certainly interested in the product. Pebble’s apps haven’t been compelling enough to get my attention and the Apple Watch’s $350 price tag is too steep for me. So long as Microsoft can promise support for the product, an app store that’s better than the current Windows Store, and that the watch won’t go the way of the ill-fated Zune I can see people adopting the product quickly, especially given the hype it can take advantage of by beating Apple to the market.

Wearables are certainly a growing segment of the technology market. The next few years promise to be very interesting with the major players beginning to enter the space.