USC grad student and friend of the Noobist Alex Parslow is creating an independent horror film titled Occam’s Razor. This film has us follow a post-mortem photographer who is investigating the mysterious deaths of several children in mid-19th century Pennsylvania. It looks to be a great horror experience and insight into a strange photographical practice that we’re really excited to see. This short film also serves as a proof of concept for a full-length version of the film that Parslow hopes to create sometime in the future. But he needs your help! Go visit the kickstarter page for Occam’s Razor and help him make this film a reality.

We had the immense pleasure of sitting down with him recently to discussing this film, his work, how he got where he is and where he hopes to go with his film career. Due in part to the opportunity he’s received to be one of the writers of the upcoming movie adaptation of James Franco’s novel, Actors Anonymous, his career already seems to be catapulting into success. You’ll find our interview with him in 3 parts right below, but just below that are links to the film’s kickstarter, the trailer and some concept art for Occam’s Razor, and a link to the Facebook page for the film.

Occam’s Razor Kickstarter Page

Occam’s Razor Facebook Page

Occam’s Razor Trailer:


Occam’s Razor Concept Art:

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