Last week I reported about a game called Chuck’s Challenge 3D. After watching the trailer, I thought, “It looks fun”, and was lucky enough to give it a whirl.

First, let me point out this: when it says this game is a “puzzle” game, that’s exactly what it is; a seriously puzzle heavy game and for those who are more left brained, this would do you well. However, I’m more right brained; being able to work with more abstract rather than logical so I struggled. I finished all of the ones on “Easy” bar two and tried the first “Medium” one and couldn’t get it done. I let my husband play it because he loves puzzles and by the time he got to the medium levels, it was a struggle for even him!


There’s some issues with the layout. Normally, I would find these options easily but in Chuck’s Challenge, it was definitely a challenge to fiddle with it; finally realizing that it’s to the far right.

It’s difficult to control the character with using the arrow keys or WASD. He will go slipping everywhere (even when its not icy!) so control over not only the character but your fingers is crucial! Also another point is that the tutorial doesn’t show that you can click the “Undo” key multiple times to undo moves you’ve made but if you just wanted to restart the level, you actually have to bring up the menu to reset it rather than have a button to push.


There are many puzzle maps for every level. All very complicated for an illogical brain like mine. There’s an option to watch “Hints” to complete the level (which I never used). You could also zoom in and out and rotate the map if need be. There are maps that are updated weekly and user created maps.

That’s right, you can make your own puzzle map and put it out there for other Chuck’s Challenge players to actually try and beat themselves and then rate it to make it go higher or lower on the leaderboard of great puzzle maps for the game.

All in all, I think that the game is not only a great brain teaser but also brings in a social aspect of a game which normally would be single player and never get updated unless a sequel came out.

So that’s my take on the game. I enjoyed it even though it gave me a headache from using my brain so much!