Maybe you work for Eco Labs or the National Health Service (NHS) in Wales. If you do, then you know of this technology – the e-Pen or also known as a digital pen. Not everyone in the world would know about this technology and to help introduce it in a very user friendly way is with we-inspire. Forget about the daunting corporate websites that you could be scanning through; instead go with these guys – they bring this digital pen a service by letting all of us know that it’s not just for those big wigs but it can be for the smaller companies too.

The digital pen in motion.

The digital pen in motion.

So what is digital pen technology? It’s very simple but also very complex.

The simple stuff explained: You basically have a bluetooth pen that not only has actual ink in it but it also captures your pen strokes on the special paper and can either be saved on the pen or automatically sent to your server to save and share your work there.

Imagine working in an engineering company where all work is completely digital; the schematics, ideas, designs; everything uploaded into the company cloud; no more need for boxes and boxes of pictures archived away. Do you work in an industry where you need to do many check lists? What if your check list was digital and you used an e-pen? Paperwork will be so 20th century! If you are a freelance artist – having your portfolio created simply by using the e-pen technology would save money because all your work is digitized; goodbye art equipment, hello stream-lined, sexy e-pen!

The complex part of the e-pen: It takes a lot of hours programming the e-pen, it’s Operating System, linking the paper to the pen to your mobile devices, laptop, pc, and cloud. Even manufacturing the pen and its design takes many hours as well.

However, thanks to their partnership in working with Anoto; whom are already a big presence in the e-pen industry, they are helping to bring not only a more contemporary notion of putting pen to paper but also encouraging people to be more green and save on using actual physical paper.

Help bring the e-pen more into the mainstream; into everyday life and become more green into workforce. Check out we-inspire’s Kickstarter page to get an idea on how you can help bring this technology into everyone’s lives.