New Game From YouTube’s PewDiePie

Ever wanted to be a YouTuber but not had the time, money or commitment? If you said yes, you will probably love this game. And if you said no… Well, you’ll still probably like it.

So, you’re probably wondering why you should download this free app, aren’t you? Well, let me tell you. Just to list a few reasons:

  1. It’s free
  2. It is very addictive
  3. It’s easily one of the best YouTuber Simulators.

So, what’s so good about it?

Unlike the paid Steam game ‘YouTuber’s Life’, this game is completely free with only a few micro-transactions. Created by OuterMinds, who also created PewDiePie’s first game, PewDiePie: The Legend of Brofist, this game features actual PewDiePie voice overs. It also contains a fun mini-game called Puggle which is exclusively available when waiting for items to be delivered.

Compared to many other celebrity games, you can customise your character with certain clothes and looks. In that sense there are many similar games, but character customisation isn’t really a big deal as you only see your character sat behind a computer, which leads me to another point.


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This game feels like YouTuber’s Life but more simplistic, which is expected as this app is free unlike YouTuber’s Life. In the Steam game, you live as a full human, having to balance both school and YouTube whereas in PewDiePie’s game you just have to deal with YouTube.

Leading back to customisation, the real part that matters is you room as the more stuff you buy, the more you level up. Also, you can upgrade cameras, green screens, microphones and also buy items to level up your ability to make better videos on certain topics like make-up and gaming.

As I just mentioned levelling up, let’s discuss that. It does take a while to level up, but there are many rewards. The main source of levelling up is by buying items. When you level up, you unlock better quality items that cost much more than the previous level’s item unlocks.

Another thing I love is the graphics. Very few games can make such simple graphics with massive pixels look high quality. Also, you can clearly tell what each item is, no matter how small it is and how few pixels it has.

But what are the bad things about it?


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The only real problem with the game (which is a massive problem right now), are the servers. Of course, PewDiePie has a LOT of followers and so of course, a LOT of people downloaded the game and so the servers can’t hold everyone which has caused major disruption. Honestly, I don’t really watch him, but I still downloaded the game. However, OuterMinds are actively trying to fix the problem as best as they can with constant updates trying to fix issues. There are, of course, little things here and there that would make the game slightly cooler, but other than that, this game is pretty damn good.


In conclusion, this is a brilliant app even though the servers are awful. Thankfully, the servers are only needed for a few things. If you would like to download this amazing app for free, it is available on both android and iOS on their app stores.