Star Wars Rebels stepped up the intensity with another excellent episode, The Holocrons of Fate. The return of Maul always brings with it great entertainment and at a time where Ezra is fighting a balance between Light and Dark, it can only lead to bad things for the Ghost crew. Now strap in your seats and watch out for asteroids (spoilers) Rebels Report is jumping to hyperspace.

The Holocrons of Fate

The Return of Maul

Ezra and Kanan are on their own mission that leads them to the answer of Maul when they receive a wave from Hera only for Maul to show he has the rest of the Ghost crew as prisoners. While Ezra was falling under his sway last season, he revealed to Maul that Kanan had a Jedi holocron. It is always exciting to learn new things about the Force and what we find here is that if a Sith holocron and a Jedi holocron are combined, it can give the Force-user a vision of what they seek. A fascinating new concept and one that has plenty potential for the future.

Ezra up to this point, kept asking for the Sith holocron, making it appear that the dark side artifact still has some pull over him. Needless to say, Kanan isn’t going to allow his friends to die at the hands of Maul, so he and Ezra head back to visit the Bendu where this time, Ezra must pass a test. Kanan takes away his lightsaber for alluding to Ezra’s habit of solving all his problems with it. The Bendu continues to be a fascinating character with an interesting tale on the Force and one I hope we get to see more in the future.

The Holocrons of Fate

Light and Dark

Things quickly go wrong for the group when Ezra is led off by Maul’s droids and Maul leads Kanan into a trap that has him sucked into the vacuum of space where surprisingly he doesn’t die and manages to get himself back on the ship. Elsewhere, Maul and Ezra combine the holocrons with each having their own hopes in what they see. Ezra seeks a way to destroy the Sith, while Maul interestingly enough searches for hope. Kanan rescues the Ghost crew from the droids and then races back with them to help Ezra. Kanan, thanks to the light given off by the holocrons, is able to see and reach Ezra, but not before Maul gets an answer that will only lead to trouble.

The Holocrons of Fate sets up at least a few more episodes for Maul who makes his escape at the end of episode muttering the lines, “he lives” implying at least for this viewer, that he is on his way to track down Obi-wan Kenobi. Another clue that alludes to this, is Ezra mentioning seeing two suns which can only be Tatooine. Are we in store for the show down of all show downs between two bitter enemies and will get a glimpse of a young Luke?

Star Wars Rebels is starting this strong this season and from what we have seen so far, only going to get better. Thanks for reading and be sure to click the back here next week for another Rebels Report.