After a week off for Halloween weekend presumably, Star Wars Rebels returned with an action packed episode in Imperial Super Commandos. A strong Mandalorian presence in this Rebels episode and despite all the action gave a deeper look at Sabine. Now strap in and watch out for (asteroids) Rebels Report is coming out of hyperspace.

Returning to Concord Dawn

A return to Concord Dawn after the Alliance loses contact has Hera sending Sabine, Ezra and Chopper to the planet with Fenn Rau in their custody. Ezra quickly makes a mistake when Rau makes him uncomfortable and turns his back on him. Sabine quickly follows to a stunner and it looks like Rau will get his wish and choose his own path that doesn’t follow the Empire or the Rebellion. The destruction of his former base and the death of his fellow Protectors allows Ezra to regain his and Sabine’s blasters. Rau quickly deduced that it was other Mandalorians that ambushed his men blaming Sabine and her crew for what happened to his men. Before truly understanding what is going on, Chopper manages to over hear a signal coming from a nearby imperial probe droid. The droid is destroyed when Chopper brings them news of Mandalorians serving the Empire, Imperial Super Commandos.

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Imperial Entanglements

The group breaks into groups to evade capture with Ezra leading a distraction that ends up with him captured and Sabine and Rau arguing over what to do next. Gar Saxon is the the Imperial Viceroy of Mandalore and he sounds like he has an ax to grind with Fenn Rau. Ezra does what he does best and tries to deceive his way out of his capture, but the Imperial Super Commandos are more intelligent than the average Imperial and Gar Saxon isn’t too proud to admit it. Rau continues his plan of trying to convince Sabine to abandon Ezra but his code of honor is blinding him to the truth of who Sabine truly is. Ezra eventually mentioning leads to Saxon revealing more of himself and his plan.

It is interesting to note that he is from Clan Vizla and wants Rau dead in a bad way. Hearing this appears to put Rau on Sabine’s team which leads to him getting a weapon and Sabine getting her long desired jet pack. Saxon is about to blast Chopper when Ezra reveals his force abilities just in time for some smoke grenades from Sabine. The three of them race to the waiting ship, only to have Fenn Rau fly off on them, making you question his honor. Saxon tries to convince Sabine to swear allegiance to his way with talks of her mother and threats. A quick on the fly from Sabine has Chopper buying them time to make a run for it.

What ensues is one of the better chases in Star Wars lore. Ezra hitches a ride with Sabine while Chopper flies wing with the Imperial Super Commandos in pursuit. It’s a game of cat and mouse and just when it looks like the good guys are to get away they have their legs cut out from under them. Fortunately, Fenn Rau has had a change of heart by this time and arrives in the Phantom 2 in time to allow our heroes to escape or on the verge of it. A dance of fisticuffs between Sabine and Saxon leads to a stalemate that forces Sabine to leave but with a damaged jet pack. Her persistence and loyalty to her friends finally convinced Fenn Rau of her character and with it brings him to the Rebellion in full.

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It’s a Wrap

Star Wars Rebels came back after a week off with another direct hit for the franchise. A Sabine heavy story heavily featuring different groups of Mandalorians was always going to be a winner. The episode did a good job at showing that Ezra is still young and can make dumb mistakes, but sometimes mistakes can lead to opportunities. A man of Fenn Rau’s caliber finding merit in the character and honor of Sabine meant finding his honor and a new cause to fight for. Star Wars Rebels manages again to show that they people may get there in their own ways that the Rebellion is growing. An excellent episode, be sure to keep your probe droids out for the next Rebels Report.