Star Wars Rebels returned with a vengeance on Saturday night with an hour long premiere for season 3 with Steps into Shadow. A lot has changed since we last left off with the Ghost crew. Ahsoka’s gone and presumed KIA, Kanan has lost his sight and his way, leaving Ezra alone with a Sith holocron as he deals with his grief. The gap between season 2 and 3 appears to be quite large as we meet an older version of Ezra who is much taller and sporting a new look. Kanan himself has grown a big beard as well signifying that Star Wars Rebels is approaching the timeline of Rogue One. Now strap in your seats and watch out for asteroids (spoilers) Rebels Report is jumping to hyperspace.

Rebels Report

A Changing Galaxy

Steps into Shadow prepares us for what is to come this season and gives a few big hints of what has already changed. Ezra is forced to step up in Kanan’s absence and his success along with the Sith holocron have made him arrogant and overconfident in his abilities. Ezra receives a promotion and the task of breaking out a source that will lead the growing rebellion to more ships to help in their fight against the Empire. Unfortunately, this is where we meet the Empire’s tactical genius, Grand Admiral Thrawn. An old favorite brought back from the EU, Thrawn has a way of sizing up his enemy and knowing what they are going to do before they do. Thrawn is unknown to the Ghost crew and Phoenix squadron and poses the biggest obstacle yet to this small rebellion becoming a large unified Alliance.

Rebels Report

Sides of the Force

Kanan’s doubts and fear lead him to a meeting with a creature known as the Bendu. A force sensitive being neither Jedi or Sith, he helps give Kanan perspective on his future path along with helping use the force to see where his eyes cannot. Kanan’s reclusion is an interesting reaction to what happened in last season’s season finale, but it has the side-effect of leaving Ezra on his own with a Sith holocron that he cannot hope to contain. Maul found a way last season to get Ezra to see the Force a bit differently and as Yoda once said or is yet to say depending on the time line: “Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny; consume you it will.”

Rebels Report

Star Wars Rebels: Steps into Shadow is an interesting title and sets up the rest of the season. Ezra has taken steps towards the dark side in a period where war is picking up across the galaxy and his friends are in constant danger. Fear and power can do a lot to a young man that can’t understand the power that he wields. Kanan now lives in the shadows but may be better off for it. True he can’t see, but thanks to the Bendu’s lesson, he is on a path to enlightenment. Grand Admiral Thrawn is the biggest question mark. Is he known to the Rebels or the Alliance? And if he is not then how long can the Rebels fight against the shadows with a man 3 steps ahead of them. Thanks for reading Rebels Report and see everyone in a galaxy far, far away next time.

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