There have been many attempts to try and lead the general population away from using fossil fuel as a source of energy. Many have tried solar power, bio diesel, water, and just electricity. For the most part, electricity seems to be the current winner however, there’s a company that is not just trying to get people to use a cleaner source of energy for objects but as a way of self sustaining living. This company is called Greenfinity Farms.

Greenfinity Farms can currently be found on Indiegogo. They are trying to raise money to build essentially, a green house that uses less energy to run whilst giving out organic products.

Their mission statement is clear and simple: “To provide the means of growing sustainable & organic produce to everyone you know using innovative farming techniques and embedded technologies.”

It sounds simple but what does it really mean?

Well, they want to build a greenhouse that houses Aquaponics which apparently is less harmful to the earth than conventional farming.

Their Indiegogo page states that conventional farming takes up a lot of water usage, soil erosion, soil contamination due to fertilizing and pesticides, droughts, and frost killing off crops, and raising cattle is more damaging than farming fish called tilapia.

The Greenfinity Farms have built a prototype of their greenhouse that looks very similar to hydroponic farming with the added addition of the tilapia for farming fish.

The vegetables, fruits, and herbs are all grown under an LED light and they have a system called “The Brain” that can be controlled wirelessly through a phone or tablet that will ensure that the farm is running properly.

The Brain ensures that:

  • The power is regulated; saving energy when its not needed.
  • There are no water leaks.
  • The temperature is at a perfect level in the water by automatically heating or cooling the water.
  • Ensuring that the water levels are perfect.
  • Solids are dissolved in the water
  • The pH level is perfectly balanced
  • The oxygen level is at optimum levels in the tanks

When something is out of balance, the sensors will go off and an alert is sent to the mobile device of the farmer.

The greenhouse is a year round farm; unaffected by weather or location (you can even live in a city and have one).

The part of the greenhouse that houses the fish farming is made from an insulated shipping container and from that tank the nutrient-rich water is dispersed into the greenhouse to water the plants.

Greenfinity wants to educate the public about farming and becoming more of a self sustaining world, to leave a lighter footprint so our world will continue to live longer; just like us.

Their Indiegogo page can be found here if you believe in their cause.

Contribution Levels range from $20.oo to $5,000. You can get everything from a keychain and your name on their digital Founder’s Wall to the Greenhouse being named after you with other little goodies.

Their project was put on Indiegogo on the 25th September 2014 and is running until the 25th October 2014 and they are trying to raise a goal of $20,000 USD.