Are smart watches too conspicuous for your taste and style? Well, how about a “smart ring”? While the marriage between jewelry and technology commenced with the introduction of the “smart watch”, a watch akin to a smart phone in terms of apps and telephony capabilities, the constant and inevitable evolution of technology has given birth to a new concept of much smaller package–a smart ring!

Touted as the first of its kind, the “Smarty Ring” was initially introduced with a fundraising campaign on the crowd funding site Indiegogo. With the tech market abuzz with smart watches, a Chennai-based entrepreneur raised funds to manufacture these innovative rings that allows its wearers to read texts, make phone calls, control their TV, and even much more cool stuff.

The Awe-Inspiring Features of the Smarty Ring

A smart ring is a high-tech ring that promises to replicate almost all the features of the latest crop of smart watches, without the need to strap that brick to your wrist. Moving one step closer to reality, this mind boggling concept has blown past its goal of raising $40,000 by garnering a whopping sum of $300,000. As the famous saying goes: “Good things arrive in small packages”, this compact stainless steel ring offers a multitude of eye-catching features with some of the being listed right here:


  • Stay Updated: The ring notifies the wearer of incoming and outgoing calls, e-mail and text message alerts, and real time updates from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and so on.
  • Remote Control: The ring is a new miniature model of a remote control for the 4 to 5 inch wide smart phones. This 13 millimeters wide and 4 millimeters thick gadget enables a user to control his phone without actually touching it. You can trigger the camera, change your profile, control music, and reject or accept voice calls without the necessity of grabbing or finding your phone dumped in the trenches of your handbag or pocket.
  • Clock at your fingertips: The state-of-the-art technology supports an unrivaled clock that furnishes the user with a timer, alarm, as well as a stop watch feature within the little tech-nugget!
  • Anti-theft: It works in tandem with your smart phone to alert you in case you move 30 feet away from the phone. This concept is a wonderful anti-theft phone tracking plan which triggers an alarm on the gadget if the phone is being stolen or on the verge of being lost.
  • Fashion: The stylish stainless steel structure and the classy waterproof texture are perfect for all occasions, both genders, and all ages alike. The sumptuous design and allergy-free material is yet another alluring feature besides the 24 hour battery life for standard use.


What is the modus operandi of the smarty ring?

On paper, the ring performs its functions via Bluetooth LE connection with the creators promising a dubious 24 hour battery life. While many contenders are vying for its business, there is nothing that has yet set the stage on fire apart from this smarty ring. If you are tired of missing-out on notifications on your phone and those ‘did-not-check-my-cell-for-texts’, smarty ring is at your disposal with its Bluetooth 4.0 technology that directly connects your phone with the finger ring to receive all those updates on your finger literally!

So stop digging into your purses and pockets, and enjoy a hassle free update, reminder, and caller function on your fingertips with a smarty ring!