What lurks in the darkness…

Ghosts, monsters, zombies and vampires. They terrify us, but we love them. Despite how much we might complain about rehashed, stereotypical vampire stories we lap them up time after time. There’s something about the fear and the mystery of the paranormal that’s irresistible to us. The macabre and morbid entertains us, and the thrill of a jump scare never gets old.

Maybe it’s the dopamine rush, or the sense of comfort and contentment when we step away and realize we’re safe after all. Maybe we’re just weird. Whatever the reason, we adore it and we’re always looking for new ways to frighten ourselves, so it’s no surprise that so many upcoming VR games are horrors.

Almost anyone who owns or has tried a virtual reality headset will tell you that it doesn’t take a lot for things to feel scary. There’s an odd sense of discomfort about putting on a headset and being thrown into an unusual, unfamiliar place. Linger around a VR booth at an event or head over to Youtube and watch people playing a horror game in VR and you’ll notice the reluctance to move forwards and the nervous groans even before the scare arrives. VR is a hot topic in the gaming community right now, with its popularity growing daily as more and more people get the chance to put a head set on and give it a try.

An immersive, new way to throw ourselves into a terrifying world? Yes please. It’s the time of year for all things spooky, so now seems like a perfect time to sink our fangs into some of the most talked about horror games coming to VR headsets.

Let’s get creepy…

VR Horror

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.

Love or hate Resident Evil every horror fan has played the games and seen the movies. Capcom’s latest, highly anticipated game in the series, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is coming to Windows, PS4 and XBox One, set to release in January 2017.

Play as Ethan on the search for your missing wife and terrify yourself in the process.

The Demo Beginning Hour is a standalone experience and is available to play now. It’s going down well with fans of the series and newcomers alike. Likened to the phenomenal PT demo, the demo is spent wandering through a seemingly empty house looking for an escape route before the unfriendly owners come back. It has all the elements of a classic horror, and thanks to the current tech it seems as though it’s going to be the scariest installment of Resident Evil so far.

Image Credit: Capcom

Image Credit: Capcom

Here they Lie.

Ever wanted to walk through a nightmare?

From Tangentlemen and SIE Santa Monica, Here they lie is a PS4 exclusive first person adventure through a world filled with strange occurrences and terrifying creatures. The game is quickly gaining attention ahead of it’s release, and it’s not surprising when you check out the trailer. It’s atmospheric, it’s nightmarish and it’s wonderful. There’s a website up for the game which is as atmospheric and creepy as you’d hope. Dubbed the Daedalus Project, it’s packed with info that might be lore, or something more… You can check it out here ahead of it’s October 13th release.

Image Credit: Tangentlemen, SIE Santa Monica Studio

Image Credit: Tangentlemen, SIE Santa Monica Studio

Until Dawn- Rush of Blood.

Who isn’t horrified of clowns and rollercoasters? From Supermassive games, the team behind Until Dawn comes another PS4 exclusive. The monster-filled arcade style shooter is looking as though it’s going to terrify even the bravest of gamers. We’re promised hordes of monsters, multiple paths and nightmarish themes. It’s definitely one to look out for when Playstation VR launches on October 13th.

Image credit: Supermassive Games

Image credit: Supermassive Games

Grave VR

Available via Steam from October 25th and planned for a PS4 release next year, Grave VR is a psychological horror where like in every good horror the aim is to survive the night, Unlike Until Dawn: Rush of blood the gameplay isn’t action based. There are no weapons and little means of defense. Broken Window Studios have opted for a more classic take on the genre- the only method of protection from the horrors of the night is light. Steady your nerves and head deep into the desert ahead…

Image Credit: Broken Window Studios

Image Credit: Broken Window Studios

From the Nightmarish, twisted world of Here they lie to the frantic fight for survival in Until Dawn- Rush of blood it’s clear that developers share our love for horror and are more than willing to make the games we’re craving. So grab your headset if you dare and test your nerves.