The developers behind the upcoming game, “This War of Mine” is proud to announce their partnership with the international charity called, “War Child“.

The game “This War of Mine” isn’t just another war video game like Call of Duty or Battlefield. This video game shows the impact that war has on the people living in the warn torn lands.

11 Bit Studios agree that it’s the people and the children especially that have to live with the consequences of governments who decide to go to war and both, 11 Bit Studios and War Child wish to ensure that the public is aware that this sort of scenario happens daily around the world.

Both agree that children need to grow up in a world where they are safe and can fulfill their rights to have a childhood, an education, and a bright future.

This relationship will not only raise vital funds to help provide bright futures for these types of children but it will also bring awareness.

Children are hit the most hardest when it comes to war. They are beaten, raped, tortured, and killed. Their family ripped away from them, their homes and schools decimated in the war zones. They are not only exposed to the elements but other things such as famine, dehydration, sorrow, loss, and trauma from seeing either dead bodies or people die.

“This War of Mine is not just a game. It allows people to act their part in a war drama based on day-to-day reality of civilians suffering during armed conflicts, including children. We want to draw attention to the uncomfortable, but important topics that are too often absent from the public discourse. Thanks to the cooperation with War Child, we will be able to reach even more people giving them something to think about, and raise money for the good cause.” said Grzegorz Miechowski, CEO at 11 bit studios.

To learn more about War Child, go here.