Bayonetta 2‘s Nintendo Direct revealed a wave of new information, including new game modes and playable characters.

The story is based after the first game, Bayonetta, and explores the relationship between the titular character and Jeanne, who sacrifices herself in order to save her Umbran sister from Hell. In order to save her soul, Bayonetta travels into Hell itself, accompanied by a strange child called Loki, and followed by many other cast members, new and old. In order to succeed, you must fight through the forces of both Heaven and Hell.

Bayonetta 2 JeanneThe Nintendo Direct focused mainly on gameplay mechanics, promising “Over the top action”. All of the mechanics of the old game make a return, alongside new mechanics. For example, Umbran Climax. When activated, all magic power will be exhausted, but in return the player’s power and range are increased temporarily.

In addition, the same weapons can now be attached to both hands and feet. The number of weapons, and weapon types, have been expanded on too, including new burning weapons, and others.

The game will be controllable with touch controls, or by using the Wii U Game Pad. Using touch controls activates an automatic play mode, where players take on a more strategic role in battle.

One area of interest is the difference in design philosophy between the forces of Heaven and those of Hell. Heaven’s forces retain an organic, Baroq feel from the first game. Hell’s forces, however, are of an inorganic nature, featuring isometric shape. Both sides have new enemies for the game.

Bayonetta 2 HellBayonetta 2 will also feature a co-operative, online-only play mode, called Tag Climax. In it, two players work together in order to clear through six stages, competing to destroy the most hostiles in order to earn Halos.

These Halos can be spent in either the main Story Mode, or used to place bets on stages in order to receive higher payoffs if completed.

As of right now, it is confirmed that you can play as Bayonetta, Jeanne and Rodin. Rodin has a very different play style from Bayonetta, based more on deliberate charged attacks over elegant combo strings.

Also confirmed are special outfits based on Nintendo IPs, including Peach, Daisy, Link and Fox McCloud.

Physical copies of the game will come bundled with Bayonetta. Purchasing Bayonetta 2 via eShop will give gamers a discount on the first iteration in the series, leaving only a difference of 1 cent between the two in price.

Bayonetta 2 will hit the North American market on October 24th via game retailers or eShop download.