Jagex, creators of the well known browser based MMO RuneScapehas announced a new title, Block N Load. The game combines class based first person shooter game play, similar to Team Fortress 2, with the construction and building of Minecraft. Teams have a short period to construct defenses for their base before the curtain lifts and chaos reigns. The destructible (and reconstructable) nature of the arena means that no two matches ever play out the same as your team of fives tries to destroy the opponents Generator Cube.

Each class fills an obvious niche with their unique weapons, abilities, passives, and placeable blocks. If you want to build a turret nest that defends your base on its own, you can do that. If you want to set mines for unsuspecting enemies to trip over, that’s possible too. If you want to build a human catapult that can launch you into the enemy base, feel free. The ability to improvise and change your surroundings as matches progress promise to keep the game from going stale.

The game is a big departure from Jagex’s usual fare. It is neither free to play nor browser based. Instead it will be available via Steam some time next year. If you’re looking to jump into the fray early, you can apply for a beta key at the game’s website.

Check out the full text of the press release below.


Thursday 20th November 2014, Cambridge, UK – Jagex Games Studio is excited to confirm a new online multiplayer shooter, in which brains are as important as bullets. Block N Load combines first-person action with strategic construction that sees teams competing to build defensive and offensive emplacements, before tunnelling, leaping and charging into the enemy’s base.

Block N Load features destructible arenas that get explosive makeovers as teams meld tactical action with strategic creativity. To aid them in their objectives, combatants can initially select from six heroes who each offer unique combative and tactical advantages such as Cogwheel, an unhinged weapons obsessed robot; O.P Juan Shinobi, a deadly Ninja you won’t see coming; or Doctor Eliza Doolally, who shuns ethics in favour of applied chemistry. In addition to active and passive abilities, each player will also have access to an array of weapons and blocks such as mines; force fields; bounce pads; glue tiles; turrets and giant bombs.

All these elements, and more, combine to create an explosive experience that demolishes all preconceptions of what a first-person shooter should be.

Block N Load is currently in development for PC and is scheduled to launch on Steam in 2015. Registration to enter this December’s beta test is now open at the official website: www.blocknload.com.

NO GAME THE SAME: An ever-evolving game world throughout every match, as players shoot and build towards enemy positions and victory
CHARACTER VARIETY: Maverick heroes offer a robust mix of roles for full combat, defensive and supportive team strategies
FAST-PACED YET STRATEGIC: Every game has a blend of intelligent and creative tactics fused with strategic shooter action
BE A MASTER OF CONSTRUCTION: Creative use of the build phase in-game can result in deadly and devious constructions able to tear down any enemy plan

“We’ve been building Block N Load for a while now, and we’re immensely excited by how the game is shaping up. Block N Load represents a true departure from the type of games that Jagex is known for; it’s not browser-based, it’s not free-to-play, and it’s not an MMO,” said David Solari, VP of Block N Load at Jagex. “We’re thrilled to finally announce it to the world, and hope that people enjoy taking part in the upcoming beta. The team is eager to receive feedback and is looking forward to working closely with players to ensure Block N Load is the best game it can possibly be.”