BTD Battles – Best Towers

Anyone who’s played BTD Battles will know that the towers you choose each game are very important and so I’ve decided to share the towers that I think are the best ones for earlier rounds.

There are numerous towers that are decent on low rounds, but these are the few that are the best of the best. So, first of all, what makes a tower effective for low rounds? The 5 most important things are: 1) the price, 2) the firing range, 3) the fire rate, 4) the popping power and 5) the high-end upgrades (tiers 3 and 4) because being able to keep the same towers for the whole game rather than having to sell them and get other towers is very helpful.

So, which towers are NOT good for low rounds?

These include, the Super Monkey, the Spike Factory and the Cobra. The Super Monkey, costing over $2000, isn’t something you avoid at the start of the game; it’s more of something you just can’t get simply for its price. Next, the Spike Factory doesn’t make enough spikes. Although it may be effective in certain arenas, for example speed, it’s normally a bad choice even though it’s tier 3 and 4 upgrades are useful. Finally, the Cobra. The only time you want to be having this tower placed REALLY early, is if you’re playing in an R3 arena as the upgrades (all tiers) are great in that arena but it isn’t good at popping bloons. Essentially any tower that costs more than $700 and/or doesn’t really help on low rounds, is probably not worth using straight away.

Well, which is the best then?

The top 3 solid choices are:
• Ninja Monkey
• Monkey Apprentice
• Monkey Engineer

Starting with the Ninja Monkey, this one is my normal tower of choice. This tower pops bloons, fast and effectively. Not only is it the cheapest tower ($500) but it also has decent range, can pop multiple bloons, fires quickly and has great upgrades. It ticks all 5 of the important factors I mentioned earlier. The upgrades are really effective as well as the fact that you can upgrade the tower to shoot even faster, pop more bloons and even make the ninjas throw more shurikens faster. You also don’t have to upgrade the tower to allow it to see camo bloons as it the tower by itself can. The only weakness to this tower (and most others), is that they struggle to take down Spaced Pink Bloons, so if your opponent sends lots of them, you’re in for some trouble!

A very common choice for first tower is the Monkey Apprentice. The Monkey Apprentice costs $550 which is slightly more than the Ninja Monkey, and deals with damage slightly differently. Instead of shooting lots of shurikens, The Monkey Apprentice shoots slow moving balls of magic that burst through a clump of bloons. These can be upgraded to burst through more bloons, add an explosion every few shots and for $1200, you can add a lightning bolt which will pop a layer of bloon off a certain amount of bloons. This tower has other awesome upgrades, for example, on upgrade path 2 (tier 3), you can upgrade the tower to shoot out a constant wave of fire instead of shooting magic balls. One thing that gives this tower an edge is that it can always pop lead bloons unlike the Ninja Monkey which needs the Flash Bomb upgrade (which is a waste of $2750 as the other upgrade path is better), although you still have to buy a cheap upgrade to allow the Monkey Apprentice to see camo bloons.

Finally, the Monkey Engineer. This is personally my least favourite of the three for a few reasons. The main one is that you need to place it in a certain location for it to be effective with no upgrades, also it costs $750. However, the upgrades are truthfully great. You can add sentry turrets that spawn near the tower, allow more bloons to be popped per bullet and even add a trap which pops bloons and gives you money.
Unfortunately, this tower cannot be upgraded to see camo bloons which is a draw back. But this can be worked around by getting the Cleansing Foam upgrade. This allows foam to be placed on the track which does damage to every bloon that touches it.

So that’s all the information, but which is best?

I think the best way to work this out is for me to give each tower a rating out of 10 for the 5 important factors.

  1. Ninja Monkey

Price: 9
Range: 7
Fire rate: 9
Popping power: 6
Upgrades: 10

Total:  41/50

  1. Monkey Apprentice

Price: 8
Range: 6
Fire Rate: 6
Popping power: 8
Upgrades: 9

Total: 37/50

  1. Monkey Engineer

Price: 7
Range: 9
Fire Rate: 6
Popping power: 6
Upgrades: 7

Total: 35/50

As you can see, the Ninja Monkey is the best in my opinion and would be the one I recommend! The Monkey Apprentice is still great, but not as good as the Ninja Monkey for reasons I mentioned earlier like the camo detection having to be bought as an upgrade and the high-end upgrade prices. The last tower, the Monkey Engineer is clearly not the best, but is still usable if you really like that tower. Of course, these aren’t the only towers you can use, but just the ones I recommend. To play the flash version of this game along with some free-to-play versions of other ninjakiwi games, here’s a link: I highly recommend this game and all the others!