If you’re still holding off on upgrading to an XBOX One or PlayStation 4 this season and you’re anxious for next week’s hotly anticipated Destiny, you’ll be in good hands with Bungie.  As of this writing, until the game’s release next Tuesday, September 9th, users who purchase the last-generation version of Destiny digitally through PlayStation Network or XBOX Live will be able to upgrade to it’s next-generation versions at no additional cost.

Be warned, you can only upgrade your version of Destiny within the same console family.  If you purchase Destiny on XBOX 360 via XBOX Live Marketplace, your upgrade will translate to a free digital copy of the XBOX One version–same concept applies to PlayStation users.

Unlike Diablo III: Ultimate Evil Edition, your progress within Destiny will only transfer between console generations within it’s family (i.e.: XBOX 360 to XBOX One, PlayStation 3 to PlayStation 4).  Furthermore, if you purchase one of Destiny‘s Limited Editions and redeem the included Expansion Pass voucher on or before January 15th, 2015, this will qualify you to download the same Expansion Pass content towards next-gen at no additional cost.

Once again, Bungie’s first title since departing development of the Halo franchise–Destiny will be available January 9th, 2014.

Further details regarding the promotional upgrade can be found here.