Join Destiny‘s latest public event, The Iron banner, and gain the favor of the Iron Lords (no not the Greyjoys). Be warned this competition is not for casual pvp players who simply dabble in competitive multiplayer gameplay. Most competitors are well over level 20, and equipped with the deadliest gear Destiny has to offer. This is due to the fact that the playing field in the Iron Banner is not level. Unlike most competitive game modes in Destiny, the Iron Banner does not strip players of advantages given to them by their armor. Meaning the better the gear and weapons, the better your chances of victory will be.


But even still, your gear will not save you from the brutality of the crucible. Highly skilled players can still mow you down, as they seek to fulfill Iron Banner bounties. These challenges are far more daunting than those found in the Queens Wrath event. Players will be challenged to do things like “Defeat 50 Guardians with Auto Rifle headshots while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.” Or “Earn 15 headshot sprees while competing in the Iron Banner tournament.”
After decimating your foes and rising through the ranks, players can unlock special gear. Shaders, weapons, class items, and emblems, await those who fight hard enough to earn them.
As previously mentioned, I found the bounties far more challenging, than those found in precious events. At the same time, after completing only two of them, I managed to jump to Iron Banner rank one and unlock a custom emblem and shader. Attaining rank two has taken a bit more time, however. This event seems to be aimed the hardcore and avid pvp players of Destiny, and provides a pleasant challenge, especially after the simple and easy Queens Wrath. Level up your gear and test your mettle, and find out if you are worthy of the praise of the Iron lords.


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  1. martin

    I've not got Destiny so cannot find out if I am good enough yet or not :p

    That said, I've heard people say completing it is pointless?