Science Fiction games always capture people’s imaginations on how humans would live out there in the vast vacuum of space. Most tend to fight unknown species whilst others fight known species in interstellar battles. Centration isn’t any of that normal science fiction stuff.

Powered by the popular Unreal Engine, Centration is a survival simulation gamed based on a space station in a distant solar system. Based on how the player interacts with the game, every run will have its own unique playthrogh. Instead of being a constant game that is the same, there are gaming rounds to everyone’s game. Thousands of people will be in space stations, trying to survive the harsh environment as they portray people with different roles on the space station(s).

Everyone; regardless of if they are an Engineer, Security Officer, or another sort of citizen, there is no repetition. Every play through will be different and will challenge the player.

Each game of Centration is played in rounds (also known as shifts); these shifts can be anywhere between five minutes to five hours. Anything and everything can happen within a shift. The primary goal of the player is to stay alive long enough to complete the shift; just like real life.

It’s not an easy goal to achieve.

“.. the environment will be your enemy from the get go – mere feet of steel separating you from the harsh vacuum of space, a spillage away from a raging inferno, and a button-press away from being decompressed and suffocated. That’s where a worse enemy comes into play – other players. Every other crewmember on board has the same goal – or do they? Maybe they have been assigned a secret mission to sabotage your day? Maybe they haven’t, but will anyway? With the dangers of the environment, you don’t really want other people messing your day up too, do you?

More details about Centration can be found on their website, here. They also recommend that if someone wishes to play the game, they download the client via CentNet and not Steam. The basic game costs $9.99, Premium is $14.99, and Digital Delux is $39.99.