Frima, Canada’s largest independently owned game developer will roll out

Chariot to next gen consoles in a couple of weeks for $14.99. It will be rated E for Everyone so even the little ones can enjoy it. While there has been no official announcement for the Wii U and PC dates, the Xbox One version will release worldwide on October 1st.  The Playstation 4 will see Chariot come to the states a day earlier on September 30th, but European PS4 owners will have to wait until October 22nd.

Chariot is a humorous platformer at heart but also includes challenging puzzles to contrast its faster action scenes. The game can be played alone or with a friend and is comprised of five colorful environments that are broken down into 25 levels. The physics based action puts players in the role of the Princess or her fiancé. They are on a quest to find the best burial place for their beloved king who is no longer among the living.

Instead his ghost is with you as you pilot, push, swing, and pull the funeral chariot of the departed king through the royal catacombs looking for a worthy place that the king may enjoy his afterlife. The funeral chariot is a free rolling wheeled coffin and must be guided over obstacles and up cliffs.

As you traverse the world enduring the king’s ghost you will gather loot and power-ups as you go through ever increasingly difficult levels and enemies. The power-ups are often necessary to make it to the next portion of the game, so choose them wisely.

Frima has released a new trailer for Chariot,  which features some of the game play, environments and characters. On their website you can see The Developer Diary, a behind-the-scenes look at Chariot’s development.