Buyer’s remorse is often described as a feeling of regret after having made a purchase. It is usually associated with something expensive such as cars, houses, or my wife’s shoes. OK so a next gen consoles don’t cost as much as a house or a car, but to gamers they are our Holy Grail. For those of you who are disappointed with the slim pickings so far, your time is at hand.

The holiday season is coming, and with it comes the annual mother load of games we have all been waiting for. New franchises promise to introduce us to fantastical worlds we have never seen. Returning legends promise to give us new stories in the worlds we fell in love with a console or two ago. For those of us on the Next Gen, we are promised new levels of immersion that we have only dreamed of.

Look at the list below. That is what is coming. Madden 15 and Diablo III are already here. It doesn’t matter if you like First Person Shooters (FPS), Racing, Action, Sports, or Fantasy. There is something here for everyone.

Destiny                       09-09

FIFA 15                       09-23

Disney infinity 2.0           09-23

Forza Horizon 2               09-30

Shadows of Mordor             09-30

NBA 2K15                      10-7

NBA Live                      10-7

Skylanders Trap Team          10-5

The Evil Within               10-14

Shadow Warrior                10-21

Lords of the Fallen           10-28

Assassins Creed Unity         10-28

WWE 2K15                      10-28

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 11-03

The Crew                      11-11

Dragon Age 3                  11-18

Far Cry 4                     11-18

Elder Scrolls Online          12-31

Those are just the cross platform games. That doesn’t even include system exclusives like Crackdown, The Master Chief Collection, Drive Club, Kingdom Hearts 3, & Project Cars. The list goes on, and on even into February 2015. I need a second job or sell plasma or something just so I can afford this holiday season.

It’s not a house, car, or shoes, but it’s our passion. For some us we only have jobs so that we can afford our gaming habit. If my wife is reading this, that’s totally not me. I do it all for you I promise, and I didn’t mean that thing about the shoes. We need to prepare ourselves because the drought of releases is about to become a flood. Ladies and gentlemen, stock up on your food, drinks and thumb band-aids. Tell your non-gaming friends and family that you love them and that they will always be in your heart. It is about to be on! Are you ready?