Urban legends state that candy from an unknown person/place could be deadly; poisoned or stuffed with a razor blade but this candy is sweet and not harmful.

This candy is in a Role Playing Game (RPG) called Costume Quest 2 and it features all of the wit, style and fun of the original Costume Quest plus an extra layer of sweet-y goodness of some new features and costumes to help bring some light hearted humor to the normal dark humor of Halloween.

Join Wren, Reynold and a cast of friends both old and new as they are determined to save Halloween from a demented dental overlord hell-bent on a tooth-centric future that despises candy, costumes, and fun! Dentist Dr. Orel White sees Halloween as his biggest nemesis; giving people cavities and has dedicated his life to ridding the world of Halloween!

The player teams up with a powerful Time Wizard (No, not the Doctor) to try and foil the dreadful drilling plans of this demented dentist!

Along the journey, there are new costumes to collect, including Super Hero, Clown, Pterodactyl, Ghost, Thomas Jefferson and Pharaoh.

The battles are streamlined to keep things moving smoothly and quickly. Lightning fast reflexes are rewarded with sweet loot drops in the form of Creepy Treat Cards. These cards are limited uses; boosts and abilities t be used in the battlefield (but they also have cool down periods)

There’s also strengths and weaknesses that have been added to the game for an extra layer of combat. Match a costume’s strength to an enemy’s weakness to lay down some serious damage in battle but be warned, that’s a two way street!

Other new additions include: persistent health that carries over after each battle and water fountains placed through out the game for game saves and health replenishment while side quests offer extra experience bonuses and other special treats.

Costume Quest 2 is rated E10 + and is now available on Steam for PC at only $14.99. The console versions are scheduled to be released around Halloween.