Trick or treat, smell my feet, here’s some news that’s oh so sweet.

Costume Quest 2 is finally coming soon to PCs and consoles. A date hasn’t been announced yet for consoles, but you can preorder it on Steam for an October 7th release. The first bundle includes the game and four exclusive costumes (Robot, Unicorn, Eyeball & Pumpkin) for just $14.99. The other option is the 1 & 2 Bundle for $19.99. The 1 & 2 bundle includes the $14.99 bundle, as well as the original Costume Quest game, and its DLC. Option 2 is by far the better deal if you didn’t purchase the first game.

If you didn’t play the first one, then talk to someone who did. You’ll see a twinkle in their eye when you tell them they are making a sequel. The first game had you rescuing your sibling from monsters from another dimension. This time around Wren, Reynold, and friends will be battling something far scarier, an evil dentist and his minions who are out to destroy all the candy. You and your friends must suit up in your costumes of awesome and travel through time to stop this dastardly fiend.

As in the first, you find different costumes that transform you into a fighting version of that costume in battle. Think of something like that episode of Southpark where they played World of Warcraft, only this keeps its “kid friendly” rating. The game play has been improved and more features have been added. Candy is still your primary currency, but other things like the Treat Cards play a more important role.

The game play is an explorative turn based RPG that uses action buttons during combat. Well timed presses will increase your damage or decrease the damage you take. It’s a simple mechanic that keeps the battles from getting boring without being overly complicated. Throughout your travels you find different costumes to battle your enemies. Each costume has its own strategy.

The different abilities of each costume can be classified like most RPGs such as healer, tank, magic, etc. But instead of just wizards and warriors your characters can become giant robots, clowns, superheroes, John Hancock, and more. Yes I said John Hancock, like the “signed the Declaration of Independence” guy, not the Will Smith alcoholic superhero.

Double Fine, the makers of Candy Quest 2, are making a reputation for them self by making quality games that fit just a bit outside the box. Psychonaughts and Brutal Legend are two of their other biggest cult classics and you haven’t played them then trust us, you are missing out.

With the Candy Quest series, they have found a formula that brings out the inner child in everyone. Who doesn’t remember being a kid fantasizing about transforming into a fictional character and saving the world? Candy Quest 2 lets us live that dream virtually with solid game play and a story that works for all ages.

You can check out the trailer here.