Gone are the days in which guardians spent precious glimmer simply to avoid it burning a hole in their pockets. This currency that was once borderline useless, has become quite useful after additions like the Dark Below and during events such as the Iron Banner. Whether you need it to upgrade some raid gear or purchase a criminally expensive arm from Lord Saladin, here are the tips you’ll need to net yourself some serious glimmer.

Ember Caves


This area of Venus is filled to the brim with mobs of Fallen enemies. Simply popping some Ether Seeds can lead to some hefty glimmer gains, while also providing the opportunity to complete a few bounties. In an effort to maximize player gains within a given play session, it is advisable that any time a guardian goes farming, he or she picks up a few bounties just in case. In this area you can complete precision kill bounties, melee bounties, Fallen major bounties, Super use bounties, and a host of others. Be sure to keep these spots in mind next time you visit Xander. Players can expect * to * glimmer for each kill, with the Fallen Captain who spawns on the raised platform netting you *. A simple tip to get his mob to respawn quickly is to run to the very edge of the raised platform, next to the tree jutting out from the cliff, and standing there for a few seconds, rather than constantly running away.

Ishtar Academy Location

Another invaluable farming location on Venus is located in the Ishtar Academy. Make your way past the hordes of Vex and deep into the complex, as if you were running the Nexus strike. The area surrounding the downed Fallen ship is a veritable goldmine, with respawn timers so quick, and enemies so bountiful, you will literally never stop fighting. Waves of Vex will assault you from one side, as hordes of Fallen flank your opposite side. Popping some Ether seeds and Blue Polyphage at the same time will extensively supplement your glimmer gains. Continuously mow down wave after wave until you have met your glimmer goals.

The Wakening


Hop on your sparrow and speed across the lunar surface, and make your way to the Worlds Grave during the Wakening mission. After clearing the shrieker from the room, endless waves of cursed thralls will run towards you on a six second respawn timer. Players can expect 27 to 32 glimmer per mob kill. Theoretically, a guardian can stand with a powerful sniper at the ready and simply pull the trigger on one cursed thrall, instantly killing the pack in less than a second. This would lead to a consistent flow of glimmer every six seconds. This is also a great way to farm impact shards for a bounty, or level up your husk of the pit!

Exclusion zone


And finally, by far the most lucrative farming run so far takes place during the mission Exclusion zone on Mars, with the heroic modifier active. After activating the Cabal failsafe that causes your guardian to be ambushed by two ships of Cabal enemies, pop some resupply codes and rake in your precious glimmer. The first mob will be a modest gain, the real money comes from taking out the second mob which is mostly Cabal Majors. These enemies can drop network keys which amount to 200 glimmer a piece as well. Simply leave one enemy alive, and have them kill you to restart the encounter endlessly, or at least until your glimmer count surpasses the amount of hours you’ve spent grinding.

Happy hunting!


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