Every once in a while, the massive ship that is Destiny springs a leak. Most recently, a Japanese player, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has stumbled upon a massive cache of  existing game files related to the upcoming expansion House of Wolves.

The Reddit thread contains vital details about missions, weapons, armor, events and other scheduled updates and releases. A translated version of the original Japanese posting states:

“I have discovered a method to access a small portion of “House of Wolves.” Thus far, the portion that I’ve been able to access has been limited to weapons and armor sold by vendors as well as one small portion of the story.

Upon analysis, I realized that the House of Wolves DLC was currently set to be unlocked on May 19th. Moreover, I believe that within the next four weeks Bungie will release patch 1.0.9 for consoles.

While the majority of the data for HoW will be coming in May there is a small chunk of story that is still set to be delivered to us in March. I imagine that the hot fix coming at the beginning of March will address this.

PS. So far I have only been able to get data on the weekly activities through till August. I get an error message whenever I try to access content in September or beyond.

As for the rumored “major update” (I think he’s referring to the possible “Comet,” expansion), I think that it will be coming sometime in September.”

Bungie’s community manager has addressed the leak stating that these images are old, and that all items, dates, and details are subject to change. Is this the usual gaming industry’s smoke and mirror act or will we see something different from Bungie this time around?

If this leak is to be believed, House of Wolves will hit consoles May 19th. The expansion will feature “hundreds” of new weapons and armor, a new Awoken themed story line, 3 new Crucible maps, a new strike, and of course an exclusive raid.

Even with these new additions, many players continue to clamor for even more change, an outcry that has been ongoing since the games launch. Pictured below are just SOME of the leaked images, all images can be seen in the original Reddit thread.