Dimensional Imaging Ltd has been a leader in the facial capture technology field for a while. Now, they have launched a new brand and site called DI4D. Who cares about new brands though? Well, as gamers, we all should. Collin Urquhart, CEO, had this to say:

“We wanted to create a new brand that reflected the Company’s increasing focus across the 4D facial performance capture marketplace and DI4D does exactly that. The new DI4D website perfectly illustrates our range of high definition 4D facial performance capture systems, software and services and highlights the work we have carried out across this sector.”

What does this really mean though? Seeing is believing.

We’ve seen this technology at work in one way or another in the past. If you played L.A. Noir, you know just what I am talking about. The technology has evolved though. Granted, in the video, the facial animation is smooth and beautiful, but the neck is rigid, so animators will need to use motion capture or handle things by hand. If big name animated movies are any indication, this should be seamless in the near future, if not as soon as Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break launches for Xbox One. As the title is a mix of TV and Gaming, it only makes sense that they are licensing the technology.

Colin also added:

“I believe our high definition 4D facial capture technology has huge potential in the games industry, particularly with the demand for even higher levels of graphic realism resulting from the introduction of the new generation of games consoles.
“Our new DI4D brand marks an important step in the evolution of Dimensional Imaging and we are very much looking forward to building it further and promoting it to a global audience.”

Gaming isn’t the only thing that is going to benefit from this new venture. Vincent Cassel for La Belle et la Bête (Beauty and the Beast) will use this for facial capture performance as will characters on the BBC’s Atlantis and Merlin. There is also some high profile work in progress with Academy Award winning actors.

You can check out more about the company at their website