No musical artists of any genre capture nostalgia in quite the same way as chiptune artists. They take the sounds we heard growing up and adding to them layers of modern beats, ambience, and often vocals.

DJ Cutman and Sammus have combined their talents to create Nerdcore Instrumentals 2. This is the second collaboration between the two artists (you can find their first collaboration here) and consists of instrumental versions of Sammus’ Metroid-themed nerdcore album Another M. The result a dark and calming tribute to Metroid.

“Holy cybernetics,” you’re probably thinking, “this sounds friggin’ amazing.” Well, keep your arm cannon loaded, because there’s more. Nerdcore Instrumentals 2 is available for digial download for whatever price you desire!

For those new to the chiptune genre, DJ Cutman is the founder of GameChops, a pioneering record label for dance remixes of video games. He also pushes out creative chiptune eargasms with Bob Dylan-like frequency and hosts a show called This Week in Chiptune (TWiC) which is a great source for anyone who wants to discover more chiptune artists. You can find more of his albums here.

Sammus is a well-respected black female nerdcore rapper and has made a name for herself in the underground hip hop community. She is also a strong feminist activist and artist. You can find her wide variety of creations at her website.

You can find their work, and other info, at these links.

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