EGX  featured a lot of different games. From the big name to the retro, First Party to Indie. One Indie game in particular is The Room.

I came across The Room about a year or so ago because I like puzzle games. The first one you’re literally stuck in a room filled with some really intricate puzzles. The next one, The Room 2 features various rooms, and takes longer to traverse through. The second one was different from the first one because the key to getting out of the room you are in was more difficult; you had to move your screen around to align the keys.

The Room 3 demo starts off with you sitting in a train compartment which is a serious difference than the other two already – starting in a moving vehicle. It made me feel like I was in a non violent version of Silent Hill; being in a world within another world or at least entering a world behind the world where the rest of the people are and don’t take notice of the world you’re slipping into.

The only way to win the game is to solve the puzzles, use your wits, read the clues, and use your trusty eye piece because without it, you’ll become a permanent resident in The Room and never get out.

The Room 3 looks to be a strong addition to the series.