It’s October, the month of zombies, monsters, big guys with chainsaws and dumb teenagers; its the month of horror. Its the perfect time to jump into horror games both new and old, hoping to (or maybe not) experience tense situations or jump scares. Since its the perfect time for a horror game, I thought I would list five horror games to play this October. These games are not the five best horror games or the scariest games to play, they are just five horror games worth playing this October.

The Evil Within


In recent years, the Resident Evil series has moved further away from the classic formula of the series and more into a action movie type of formula. The Evil Within is about as close as you can get to those classic games on a modern system. It contains gameplay very similar to RE4. The game will test both you gaming skills and your nerves with some very tense boss fights and levels. Its one of the best survival horror games I have played in recent years.

Silent Hill 2


Silent Hill is one of the most recognizable horror series in gaming. Silent Hill 2 is considered by many to be the best in the series with a story and gameplay that can be psychologically taxing on the player. Venturing through the foggy town of Silent Hill can be unnerving, with disturbing creatures and humans who are little bit crazy in the head. Its one of the older games on this list but is still worth playing today and is a perfect game to play on a windy October night. I can’t wait to play the new Silent Hills from Kojima and del Toro……. nevermind.

Dead Space


One of the best games to come out last generation, and a big reason for why horror games are becoming more common. Dead Space lets your venture through a space station where basically everything can and will kill you. The gameplay is top notch with tense moments of being swarmed by necromorphs as you try to cut off their arms and legs with the plasma cutter. The game nails the atmosphere of being on a space station that is basically devoid of life. The first 15 minutes of the game should no doubt grab your attention and hold it for the rest of the game. Dead Space is a great survival horror option for those looking to play a good ten hour campaign filled with scares and tense moments.

Until Dawn


Until Dawn is the most recent game in the list and also one of the most unique games on the list. If the other games on this are not campy enough for you then this game should be perfect. Until Dawn lets you control a group of teenagers who go up to a cabin in the woods for a party in the winter and little by little everything hits the fan. Until Dawn nails the campy teenage horror you see in many films and lets you make the tense decisions that can lead to multiple different playthroughs. The game looks great and provides the perfect change up to other games on this list.

Resident Evil HD Remastered


No horror game list is complete without the king of horror games, the Resident Evil series. Resident Evil has you explore a mansion filled with hungry zombies hoping to take a bite of your Jill Sandwich. The game focuses on tense moments of puzzles and managing inventory which can lead to some moments of panic. While you could go back and play the original Resident Evil, I recommend picking up the HD remaster which improves the graphics of the game and also lets you play without tank controls if you want. Resident Evil is a must for anyone looking to play a horror game this month and is one of the, if not the most important game on this list.