Recently, a rather brilliant and unique idea has been shot down on Kickstarter. Very aptly titled Blood Sport, the technology would take blood from the player after being shot in a First Person Shooter. This of course is all done in the name of charity. Blood donation clinics could be outfitted with this tech to expand on the rapidly growing trend of video game related charity events such as the popular Extra Life event.


This crazy new level of immersion is a simple technological hack, tapping into the controllers vibration module, using that to regulate the extraction of the users blood. It is not specified whether or not there is an automatic shut off, but the system seems easily deactivated as players get woozy.

Kickstarter has pulled this project sans explanation, perhaps due to the potential danger of allowing endeavors like this to be funded. I would personally sign up for an event like this, would you?


2 Responses

  1. zephatalien

    Wow! Next level right there… Not enough give blood and this would definitely mean more people would think about doing it. So funny! Too bad if you're a really bad player though!