Strife is a second generation Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) by S2 Games and is now in Open Beta.

Unlike a traditional MOBA, Strife has more flexible characters, a smaller map, and a crafting system for making items. The tutorial itself is story based to help new players ease into the game. There are 24 Heroes that players can  play and there are eight pets to help in battles. There are seven categories o f items that will help players win their battles.

Strife is geared towards more team based battling than players fighting battles on their own; the cache at the end of each battles is evenly divided to each player. Players can pick their heroes and items before they get into the queue to allow players to make a good decision on who they want to be and how they want to fight in each battle without feeling rushed.

A shadow has befallen over the Plane of Strife. An ancient evil has awakened and the only thing that stands between this darkness and the peaceful races of Strife is the Rune of Darkstone, which is the only key that can open the portal to the underworld to send this darkness back to where it belongs!

But the journey won’t be so straightforward. A shard of the Dark Obelisk that has been kept by the elders of Strife has gone missing.

To prepare the lands for this invasion, the guardians have built an arena to train the army of the Light and this is where players come into play. They will either come from Gael, Vorbis, Nestra, Tempra, and Lyrie to prove their worth in the arena and join the army to drive back the darkness from the lands of Strife.

Strife is free to play.Whilst there are some skins that are premium only and can only be bought, everything else is achieved through playing the game and leveling. Start playing Strife here.