We all want to get the best games we can for our money or to know that what we bought for someone else is enjoyed. It goes without saying that this can easily be done if you own a last gen system. There is a wealth of great games that you can get for under $20. If you own a next gen system however, then you are still pretty much paying full price for all your games. If you are like most of us, you cannot just buy them all. So out of this holiday season let’s will throw down some details and try to get you the most bang for your buck. Whether you are buying for yourself or someone else this should help you reach the decision of what you should get.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare – This is going to be for the person who likes the multiplayer aspect of FPS games. Yes there is a story mode, but it pales in comparison to other offerings. This is a pretty safe bet for most any FPS fan. Without decent internet some key functions are lost, but there is still fun that can be had here. This will work for most anyone with an Xbox One or PS4.


Destiny – Those with slow or no internet need not apply. This game is all online only. It has a lackluster player vs player (PVP) offering, but for those who like re-playability in the story mode and customizable characters this is your winner.  Playing the story through is about as long as other shooters, but there are reasons to revisit those areas and battle on. At higher levels teaming up with other players is a must. So go out there and be social, you need them. This will work for most anyone with an XBOX One or PS4.


Halo, The Master Chief Collection – This is essentially four games in one and a solid choice for an Xbox One owner. The epic, though sometimes convoluted, story will provide hours of play and internet is not a must. The online multiplayer is reported to include all maps from the entire series. The entire list of options is not yet available but if it has half the options of the series come with it then this will be more than an amazing technical feat. For many it will be a great nostalgic trip back to the game that made first person shooter a mainstream on consoles.

Far Cry 4, Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One), and Sniper Elite 3– All of these games will be decent choices in their own right. These games do not necessarily fit all players. If they played Far Cry 3 and had fun then 4 is a safe bet. If they like playing all sneaky sneaky and tactical, then Sniper Elite 3 is a safe bet. Sunset Overdrive is more for those who have a whimsical side.

If you are working on more of a budget this holiday season then you will have to look last year’s offerings or remakes of last gen games. They may not impress as much as the new a list games but fun can still be had. Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts are last year’s epic shooters. They are both good choices but you will definitely want to make sure they do not have them already if you are buying them for someone else. Shadow Warrior, Killzone Shadowfall (PS4) and Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare are all decent games and start at about $40 (US).

If you are looking for a shooter for a younger person, then please note that these games are all pretty much rated M for Mature. For the most part that is due to the violence, but games like Shadow Warrior take it much farther with the blood and the language. Plant vs Zombies is decent fun but requires online play for most of the fun. Halo may be scary for the timid ones, but is probably the safest choice especially since it will give them the most playability offline and they can still battle their friends in a local multiplayer.

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