GOG.com is having a massive sale, starting today, that will allow people to buy up to three games for a cheap price!

They are launching a “Mutator Promo” where gamers are allowed to spin a wheel on up to three mystery “mutator” games with each highly discounted three game purchase.

The Fine Print:

This Mutator Promo allows gamers to take their chance and pick up three mystery “mutator” games; each one starting at $2.00. To take part in the sale, gamers need to pick three games from the promo line up that are discounted at 85%; titles including:

  • Theme Hospital for $1.49
  • Outlast for $4.99
  • Cannon Fodder for $1.19
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail for $1.49
  • Broken Age for $12.49
  • Long Live the Queen for $1.99

This will in turn give the gamers access to three “mutator” games; mystery titles that will be revealed after checkout. The $2.00 mutator could be anything from a $5.00 to $45.00 game!

This promotion will run for six days in total, with the line up of both regular games and mutators changing completely after the first two days.

Get this mystery sale while it’s still mutating!