If you have read my article “Gaming Setup on the Cheap” you have seen some alternatives to other, more expensive analog stick covers. One large gripe about the Dualshock 4 controller is the frailty of the coating covering our analog sticks. Personally I have not experienced any noticeable wear on mine, but I plan to keep it that way, and so I ordered myself some Grip-Its.

Grip-Its are a cheaper alternative to competitors such as Kontrolfreek, minus paying extra just for the name. In order to test out the difference when using/not using these analog covers, I played one hour of Destiny’s Crucible without, and then with them. At first I admittedly did not expect any difference, but they made all the difference.


I will admit it, I am one of those sweaty handed people. Not usually, but put a controller in my hand and I’m the guy who wipes it off before handing it back to you. In high tension game sessions such as a raid or in the Crucible, I can experience some slippage when quickly moving the analog sticks, however it is minor.

When using my new Grip-its however, I felt a better sense of control. The analog sticks never slipped once during play, and I noticed I had achieved a few more headshots than usual. The surface coating doesn’t become slick, and remains a surface that provides excellent traction for your thumbs.

I always thought analog stick covers were useless but I don’t want to stop using them at this point. I would definitely recommend these to any gamer looking to elevate their experience on a budget.