Rarely do I back Kickstarter games, but when I see something I like I simply have to spread it around. Created by indie dev Nova Heartbeat, Spirit Siege is a fast paced, quick burst, strategy card game coming to IOS and Android.

Players will either go toe to toe with others online, or bots in a test of mental quickness. Three colored orbs are placed on the field, it is your duty to destroy your enemies orbs while defending your own. This PVP tower defense style gameplay is accented by a cast of loveable card characters. Users can deal massive AOE damage with characters like the dragon, or use cards like the Princess, to summon knights to your side and heal them using… cake.


Boasting a simple and smooth user interface, paired with an approachable level of entry for new players, Spirit Siege is well on it’s way to eating up your free time on your mobile device. Victory will bring you bragging rights, and even some new cards to unleash upon your foes. While this game is still in development great strides have already been made, and after having personally played it myself, I can vouch for just how purely fun this game will be. If Fast paced strategy is your thing, make sure you show your support here!