Video games are beautiful works of art. Countless hours go into designing the User Interfaces and sounds we experience while playing our favorite titles. There have been many moments while playing games such as Deus Ex or Mass Effect, that I wished my phone or tablet could match the futuristic and sleek look of the in game UI. Sounds can stick with us as well, as many in game sound effects have been turned into ringtones by devs and fans alike

I have been a huge fan of Jailbreaking my Apple mobile devices. Using tools such as Winterboard and other Cydia tweaks, one can truly transform their device into an object right out of their favorite games. I first accomplished this by tweaking my iPhone to look as if it ran on Watch_Dogs’ ctOS. I even managed to launch minor DDos attacks from my phone, and found a neat packet sniffer as well, turning my phone into a real tool for some cyber mischief.

My latest creation is my Destiny themed iPhone. I have dubbed it the “iGhost”, using custom sounds and visuals, I have turned my trusty iPhone 5 into my own ghost, check out the full video below for more details!


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  1. George Petty

    Damn this is cool, I just wish I could be bothered to make the effort to do it!