Line of Defense will be launching Early Access mid-August, following short delays with Steam Early Access.

The Massively Multiplayer Online First Person Shooter (MMOFPS) was set to launch Early Access in July, but is being held back by developers 3000AD to address issues with game-breaking bugs and Steam’s back-end services.

Line of Defense features a science-fiction setting, taking place primarily on the fictional planet Lyrius. Players will choose between two factions in order to gain control of the bases and mined assets, of the globe, by land, air and sea. 3000AD have promised a skill-based experience, rather than a pay-to-win model that many consider too common in the Free-To-Play (F2P) genre.LODScreen2

The original price for Early Access to the game was met with criticism by the gaming community, but 3000AD has countered these concerns by announcing two additional payment tiers. The original, and now highest, tier, Commander ($99.99), is now joined by the Ambassador ($69.99) and Emissary ($39.99) tiers.

Derek Smart, president and lead developer of 3000AD, said “We’re a SMALL independent game dev making a MASSIVE game in a genre dominated and monopolized by SOE and their popular @planetside2 series. In contrast, from start to finish, LOD was developed by less than ten people. Including third-party contractors.

“And unlike those other guys, we don’t take your money, then plonk you in useless assets (how do you like that hanger now?), a largely unfinished product or a product that may not even see the light of day.”

In addition to gaining exclusive items for signing on early, players will have all consumables replenished upon final release of the game. The developers have promised that all early access tier bundles will not be available for other players to buy once the game goes live.

Players have also been promised that their feedback will be highly sought after and that talks between players and developers will be regularly hosted in-game for the entire Early Access period.

Line of Defense will launch in full later this year.

Image Via: MMOgamesite

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  1. dustin

    I was looking into this game the other day. It does seem rather interesting, and it is a bummer the early access got delayed. I'll likely get it when it comes out later this month, still.

    I also hope they stick to their word and do listen to fan feedback