Microsoft is spending $2.5 billion for the Swedish gaming company Mojang, producers of the hit game Minecraft.

Microsoft is withholding comments on why they are making the deal. Mojang does have other titles that will be included of course, but none of them have come close to selling over fifty million copies. Microsoft is making a habit of buying established brands such as the Fable and Gears of War franchises.

There is no word yet on the future status of the employees. Mojang reported that most employees will stay until after the deal closes, but the founders are leaving right away. Economically speaking, it is doubtful that Microsoft would retain them as they already have a plethora of programmers.

Opinions are mixed about whether this will be fantastic for the series or not. Microsoft has the experience and financial backing to take advantage of the Minecraft’s huge following. Let’s hope they know enough about the players to make the series better and not take it in the wrong direction.