The best-selling author who has tried his hand at novels, audio plays, graphic novels, and films is now stepping forward into the creative world of video games. Announcing that his foray into the world of games had been inspired by the weird, playful and ‘crazy’ films he adored as a child, Gaiman told the press that the story for Wayward Manor has been floating around in his mind for quite a while now, but he could not justify using traditional mediums to tell it. Dedicated to finding ‘the right medium’ for every tantalizing tale he has to tell, Gaiman noted that although he is known primarily as an author, his real calling is as a ‘storyteller’.

A Collaboration Built with Lego

Although the game has been subject to some delay, after originally being set for release in December of 2013, The Odd Gentlemen team, who Gaiman is working with on Wayward Manor, reassured fans that they have been working consistently on the quality of the game to ensure the best possible experience. The Odd Gentleman, who are best known for Slap Happy Sam’s Stageshow and The Misadventures of P.B. Winterbottom have been polishing every aspect of the game, adding paranormal twists and puzzles galore. Apparently, the collaboration between The Odd Gentlemen and the acclaimed fantasy author came about during a Lego play session, wherein the two parties agreed on the game as a fantastically unconventional way to tell a ghost story.

An Unusual Twist to a Paranormal Premise

As though you could expect any different from the creator of things such as Sandman and American Gods, Gaiman’s first game is a puzzle-based exploration with a deep focus on story and characters. Intended to be a dark comedy set somewhere within the 1920s, the tale follows a ghost in his attempt to make a pleasant afterlife for himself in an adequately creepy Gothic mansion. However, he can’t quite rest at peace until he’s managed to rid himself of all the annoying living souls that are infesting the real estate. Remember Beetlejuice? This game follows that sort of premise, except there’s no asking for help from a guy in a stripy suit. Instead, players must come up with ever-more creative and exciting ways to scare the living characters away, using all of their “ingenuity and brilliance”, as Gaiman puts it.

Released for Mac and PC gaming on the July 15th and set to appear within the Humble store for individuals wanting to show their good nature alongside their addiction, Wayward Manor is likely to be an exciting and unconventional debut. With Gaiman achieving so much well-deserved success in his previous storytelling endeavors, we can only hope that this interactive idea provides just as much intrigue, joy, and entertainment.